Angry Birds Trilogy



Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement:

    Aviator for the Seasons: Seasons Eagled.
    Boom Boom!: Unlock the Bomb Bird and destroy menu barriers.
    Completely Classic: Get 3 stars on all Angry Birds Classic levels.
    Flawless Plumage: Classic Eagled.
    Free as a Bird: Send all seven birds on migration.
    Mother of all Bombs: Unlock the White Bird and destroy menu barriers.
    Return to Sender: Unlock the Green Bird and destroy menu barriers.
    Rio Round Up: Get 3 stars on all Angry Birds Rio levels.
    Rio? Naviated!: Rio Eagled.
    Seeing Red: Unlock the White Bird and destroy menu barriers.
    Serving Up Seasons: Get 3 stars on all Angry Birds Seasons levels.
    Speed is the Essence: Unlock the Yellow Bird and destroy menu barriers.
    Split It!: Unlock the Blue Bird and destroy menu barriers.
    Top Talont: Get all other achievements.
    Winging IT: Create a migration tune.

Angry Birds Classic

    Backward Compatibility: Shoot 10 birds left of the slingshot and off-screen.
    Bird Slinger: Shoot 5,000 birds.
    Bull's Eye: Directly hit a pig with a bird from above.
    Egg Cracker: Get 10 Golden Egg stars.
    Egg Hunter: Find 10 Golden Eggs.
    Feather Collector: Earn 100 feathers.
    Feather Gatherer: Earn 200 feathers.
    Feather Picker: Earn 50 feathers.
    Hard as a Rock: Smash all stalactites.
    Kepicker: Smash 5,000 ice blocks.
    Space Invader: Shoot the Yellow Bird way up high, into space.
    Stonecutter: Smash 5,000 stone blocks.
    Ultimate Bejeweler: Smash 5,000 jewels and gems.
    Wilheim Tell: Hit a flying bird with another bird.
    Woodpecker: Smash 5,000 wooden blocks.

Angry Birds Rio

    Apple Appreciation: Collect every single apple.
    Avian Librator: Break 700 cages.
    Banana Fanatic: Collect every single banana.
    Birds of the Feather: Unlock Blu and Jewel.
    Crate Hater: Break 200 crates.
    Feather Gatherer Rio: Collect 120 feathers.
    Flower Power: Destroy 100 flowers.
    Fruit Salad: Collect one of every variety of fruit.
    Gifted: Have no blocks hit five consecutive times.
    Lights Out: Hit and break ten lamps.
    Marmoset Terrorizer: Hit 500 marmosets.
    Melon Mania: Collect every single melon.
    Papaya Perfection: Collect every single papaya.
    Pineapple Purist: Collect every single pineapple.
    Sharp Shooter: Win a level by using just one bird.

Angry Birds Seasons

    Bird Slinger: Shoot 5,000 birds.
    Bunny Hopper: Smash 300 bunnies.
    Bunny Hunter: Pop 300 piggy bunnies.
    Chocolate Lover: Smash 300 boxes of chocolate.
    Cloud Buster: Bust 1,500 clouds.
    Feather Gatherer: Earn 120 feathers.
    Leprechaun's Secret: Smash 300 pots of gold.
    Oops a Daisy: Smash 300 flowers.
    Pennywise: Hit 300 piles of money.
    Picnoc Pooper: Smash 300 picnic items.
    Pig Popper: Defeat 1,000 pigs.
    Pumpkin Smasher: Smash 300 pumpkins.
    Snowplower: Smash 1,500 snow blocks.
    The Grinch: Smash 1,000 presents.
    Unwrapper: Smash 300 presents.
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