Dragon Quest 8: Journey Of The Cursed King

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Collect the indicated number of Mini Medals and give them to Princess Minnie to unlock the corresponding item:

    Dangerous Bustier: Collect 99 Mini Medals.
    Dragon Claw: Collect 115 Mini Medals.
    Fishnet Stockings: Collect 28 Mini Medals.
    Flail Of Destruction: Collect 121 Mini Medals.
    Gold Nugget: Collect 52 Mini Medals.
    Jester's Outfit: Collect 110 Mini Medals.
    Kaleidoscope: Collect 127 Mini Medals.
    Madarin Dress: Collect 133 Mini Medals.
    Metal King Helm: Collect 90 Mini Medals.
    Meteorite Bracer: Collect 60 Mini Medals.
    Miracle Sword: Collect 68 Mini Medals.
    Orichalcum: Collect 83 Mini Medals.
    Posh Waistcoat: Collect 36 Mini Medals.
    Sacred Armor: Collect 75 Mini Medals.
    Staff Of Divine Wrath: Collect 45 Mini Medals.

Easily spawn Metal Slime and other monsters

Pan the overworld camera using L and R on an area where a monster spawns. For example, near the Riverside Church going down to the river's bank where Metal Slime spawn, just when you enter the brown bank, a monster should spawn either to your left or right, depending on where your camera was facing. Stand in between an area where they tend to spawn, then pan it Left and Right with L and R. When you look away and look again, a new monster should spawn each time. Keep doing this until a Metal Slime spawns, then chase it while making sure your camera is facing it or else it may disappear. Do not worry about not being fast enough to chase it, as it will tire out and eventually stop along the path; it will not disappear at the end like the monsters in Dragon Quest 7. The Ruined Abbey works as well, but the poison pools can be annoying. This should generally work with any monster that spawns. This exploit is helpful to find specific monsters for the monster defeat collection. This exploit works best in an area that is narrow so you can just stand still and pan Left and Right.

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