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  • Have you been paying attention to Rare's Sea of Thieves? You should, as it's a pirate simulation that encourages cooperation among your teammates and serious competition against opposing crews. It's both realistic and lighthearted.

  • Is there really a market for a half-step console release by Microsoft with the Scorpio looming on the horizon? Read on gamers, as the answer may surprise you.

  • Bandai Namco knows true Tekken 7 fans will be excited about the latest entry in the series. The E3 demo did all it can to show how inviting it can be to people who haven't been with the fighter that long.

  • Umbrella Corps is a classic example of a great idea executed poorly. How can you go wrong with 3v3 multiplayer action with zombies? Read on and CheatCC'll tell ya'.

  • Mighty No. 9 may become known as one of Kickstarter's greatest tragedies. Mega Man's spiritual successor contains none of its big brother's charm and is instead a tedious, ugly adventure.

Brock Lesnar's on WWE 2K17's Cover

"The Beast" himself, Brock Lesnar, has officially been unveiled as WWE 2K17's cover superstar.

All Heroes of the Storm Characters Free-to-Play Until Tomorrow

The Heroes of the Storm Summer Championship celebration rages on, and all heroes are still free until tomorrow!

Balrog Hits the Ring in Street Fighter V This Friday

The June Story Mode update for Street Fighter V is actually coming July 1, but don't worry, you're getting some extra goodies.

WWE 2K17 - Brock Lesnar Cover Reveal

The Beast Brock Lesnar is the cover athlete of WWE 2K17. Welcome to Suplex City.

NHL 17 - First Gameplay Trailer

EA Sports is promising new game modes and deeper experiences this year in the hockey series.

The Wonderful Weirdness of Death Stranding

Death Stranding is based on a book, but what does it all really mean?

The Next Gamergate Scandal is Here

Zoe Quinn and her supporters have blasted Nintendo for a few lines of dialogue in Paper Mario Color Splash. What happened, and is their argument legitimate?

Is the New Legend of Zelda Just a Rip-off?

The resemblance to Twilight Princess is astounding. This isn't rethinking the conventions of Zelda, this is copy and pasting.

Books Will Take Us From Mass Effect 3 to Andromeda

The lead up to Mass Effect: Andromeda will include four novels introducing us to the newest installment.

R. Mika May Be Mei With a Street Fighter V Mod

You might mistake R. Mika for Mei with this Street Fighter V mod.

Sonic the Hedgehog’s Game Announcement Announced

Sega's announced a July announcement for Sonic's next game.

Uncharted 4’s First Free Multiplayer Comes June 29

Uncharted 4's multiplayer is going to get bigger on Wednesday.

Overwatch’s Torbjorn’s Getting Weaker on Consoles

Overwatch's Torbjorn will be a lot less overwhelming after a console patch.

Ex-Ininity Ward CEO Has Words for Modern Warfare Remaster

Vince Campella had some harsh advice for Raven Software as they continue work on the Modern Warfare Remaster.

New App Introduces Texture Modding to Dark Souls III

If you're playing Dark Souls III on PC and looking to spice things up, a new app may overhaul the visuals very soon.

Original God of War Team Is Recreating the Series

Nervous that Santa Monica will leave everything you love about God of War behind? Don't be; they care more about Kratos than you do.

Sega Dedicated to Restoring Sonic to Greatness

Sega has promised to put a huge emphasis on quality moving forward, but we all know talk is cheap.

Fallout: New Vegas Becomes Backward Compatible

Fallout: New Vegas is now playable on Xbox Ones due to backwards compatibility, and it’s brought buddies.

Mighty No. 9's Credits Run for Four Hours

All those backers really beefed up Mighty No. 9's credits.

Join Warzone Firefights in Halo 5

Expect everyone to join ranks and play Halo 5 next week.

Mario and Luigi Head to Yogurtland

You'll be able to find the Super Mario Bros. at your local Yogurtland this summer.

CivilizationEDU Comes to Classrooms This Fall

Civilization V is heading to high schools as CivilizationEDU.

Why YouTubers Aren't Ready for Prime-time

All of this screaming and shouting is distracting.