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  • Luckey's views may be extreme, but that's no reason to stop supporting the Oculus; capitalism does not favor morality. If you want great VR, you gotta separate politics from production. It's as simple as that.

  • GTA Online has not only changed the game (no pun intended) in regards to what an online model can look like, but has continued to roll out fresh content which keeps us coming back for more. So here are ten of the best updates that have made GTA Online so special these last few years.

  • Lace up the spikes and take control of every aspect of rising star Alex Hunter's career - it's the best new feature of FIFA 17!

  • Breath of the Wild looks like a game with a lot of potential, but should we be preparing ourselves for a Legend of Zelda that isn't as "Zelda" as we'd expect?

  • NBA 2K17 proves it's still king of the basketball sport simulator world with improved gameplay mechanics, complimentary presentation , and a massive MyCareer mode offering.

Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition Rated

That Bulletstorm remaster is looking a lot more likely.

Battleborn Is Getting Some Kind of Free Trial

Battleborn isn't going free-to-play, but will get a free trial version.

Nidhogg 2 Stars Ugly, Bulbous Men

A Nidhogg sequel has been announced, and its characters look really different.

Steam Controller Accessories Are Now Available

Steam Controller battery doors, carrying cases, wireless receivers, and skins are up for sale.

Japan's NES Classic Is Different From Ours

Japan's getting its own version of the NES Classic, and it's a miniature Famicom with some different games.

The Legal Troubles of No Man’s Sky

No Man's Sky is in trouble again.

Stan Lee’s Top 5 Marvel Cameos

One of the joys of watching a Marvel movie is seeing where Stan Lee pops up. Here are his five top cameos.

Sonic Boom Can Finally Die

The Sonic Boom games have all been bad. I gave Fire & Ice a shot, hoping for a revival, but things haven't changed.

How You’re Being Fooled By Video Game Surveys

Do gaming-related surveys always give us the best information?

The Final Fantasy TCG Comes to NA Next Month

While this may be a new card game in the West, the Final Fantasy TCG has seen a successful six-year run in Japan.

Minecraft "Exploration" Update Adds Mobs, Maps, and Llamas

These llamas can carry your stuff and form a caravan as you explore. We're sold.

For Honor Will Have a "Complete" Single-Player Experience

Ubisoft promises that even if you never plan to go online, For Honor will be worth the purchase price.

Here Are Your PS Plus Free Games for October!

The Resident Evil Remake and Transformers: Devastation headline another solid month of free games for PS4 owners.

PlayStation Plus - Free Games Lineup for October

In October, PS Plus membership includes Resident Evil and Transformers: Devastation.

Mafia 3 - Combat Trailer

Episode 4 of our Mafia III gameplay series reveals diverse combat mechanics stemming from Lincoln Clay’s military past.

DOOM's Soundtrack's Here to Rock Your Day

You can now buy or stream DOOM's soundtrack.

Skyrim Remaster Gets a Dragonborn Bundle

Best Buy's Skyrim remaster collector's edition comes with quite a mask.

Fan Demand Could Bring Dragon Quest X to the West

If people ask for it, Square Enix may consider a Dragon Quest X localization.

No Man’s Sky's Advertising Is Being Investigated

No Man's Sky's marketing is under investigation in the United Kingdom.

NSFW Haylee Mods Have Been Released

Haydee's robotic heroine was already pretty sexy, but some new mods kick it up a notch.

Don't Believe the NX Hype

Don't forget that all these executives praising the mysterious NX have a profit motive.

Do We Need More Ugly Game Heroes?

Don't you get tired of always saving the world as Supermodel Cindy and Magic Mike?

Why You’re Wrong About Palmer Luckey and Donald Trump

Luckey's views are extreme, but that's no reason to stop supporting the Oculus; capitalism does not favor morality.

Insomniac Would Love to See Sunset Overdrive on PC

Sunset Overdrive, for many, is the best superhero game ever made. We're dying to play it on PC, but that's Microsoft's call.