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  • It looks as though the Xbox One and Oculus Rift are destined to become BFFs during the next phase of the current console generation. But could this union be the secret weapon Microsoft needs to finally pull ahead of its competitors?

  • The latest generation of X-Men films just keep getting better. From First Class to Days of Future Past, the stakes keep rising higher and higher. Now that the Apocalypse is upon us, here are five reasons CheatCC is expecting this to be the best in the new series.

  • Go from new player to Doom-Slayer in no time, with CheatCC's handy-dandy guide. With these seven pro-tips, you'll rule the multiplayer servers like never before.

  • It's no Turtles in Time, but it is a bit dated. See how Platinum Games barely missed the mark on what should have been the co-op game of the summer.

  • NEWS FLASH: After a sudden epiphany, Capcom CEO concludes that globally successful games must be high quality. Wow, what an innovative concept!

Just Cause 3: Mech Land Assault Coming June 3

Because the game wasn't destructive or chaotic enough, now giant, weaponized mechs have been thrown into the mix.

Payday 3 Confirmed, Payday 2 Microtransactions Are Out

Parent company Starbreeze has purchased the full rights to the Payday franchise from publisher 505 Games.

Resident Evil 5 Coming to PS4, XBO This June

This will come with all of the extra DLC and No Mercy mode.

Futuristic New Racer Confirmed for the NX

RISE: Race to the Future is slated to release on pretty much every platform this year, and will release on the NX next year.

Former Lionhead Devs Launch Kickstarter for Fable CCG

Fable Fortune will be a free-to-play, Hearthstone-style game. That's either a really good thing, or a really bad thing.

The PlayStation E3 Experience 2016 Is Coming to Theaters

It's happening again! Select theaters will be showing the PlayStation E3 Experience 2016.

Injustice: Gods Among Us 2 May Be Announced Soon

Another Injustice: Gods Among Us may pit more DC heroes and villains against one another.

Ibuki’s Making Her Street Fighter V Debut

Everyone's favorite Street Fighter ninja is making her debut this June.

Samsung’s Making a Batman Galaxy S7 Edge

A special Batman Galaxy S7 Edge is coming in June.

WWE 2K17 - Goldberg Pre-order Trailer

Pre-order WWE 2K17 to play as two versions of Goldberg and get two WCW arenas.

Street Fighter V - Ibuki Reveal Trailer

The latest addition to Capcom's fighter has been revealed.

Killer Instinct - Gargos Character Trailer

The Shadow Lord shows off his moves in this new trailer for the fighting game.

Could Sega Be Considering Sonic Crossovers?

Sega's latest survey makes quite a big deal about Sonic crossovers.

You’re a Dirty Cheater…and That’s OK

Some old school gamers say that using walkthroughs is cheating, but in this day and age, is it really?

How VR Could Save the Xbox One

The Xbox One and Oculus could be BFFs.

The Beauty of Bioshock

What makes Rapture the perfect setting for the story of Bioshock?

The Penclic is a Treat Any Gamer or Designer Needs!

The Penclic Mouse might make gaming more comfortable.

Dragon Quest Builders Headed West This October

Dragon Quest continues to build a larger Western fan base, and that's great news for RPG lovers.

Special Deals in Uncharted 4 This Weekend

Celebrate Memorial Day weekend with a sweet 50% relic bonus on all challenges.

Gamestop COO Expects New Console Announcements at E3

He also expects VR to drum up a lot of consumer interest, so PlayStation VR will likely have a big presence.

Modders Bring DOOM Weapons to Original Doom

A talented group of modders are attempting to recreate new DOOM in old Doom and, so far, they're doing a great job.

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward - Revenge of the Horde Trailer

This update brings new main scenario quests, beast tribe quests, an alliance raid and more to the MMO.

Let’s "Goat" to Space With Goat Simulator: Waste of Space

Goat Simulator is baaa-ck with a space expansion.

Amazon’s Out of Overwatch Copies

Want Overwatch? Amazon may not be the place to go.