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  • WWE 2K18 is said to be the most realistic WWE game yet. But how close can such games really get to real life? Are the changes between installments really that drastic?

  • Retro games that bring back memories of our youth is a wonderful thing. But how is one to choose from the sea of titles over the last 30 years? And how do gamers find them on today's platforms? Check out CheatCC's handy-dandy guide right here!

  • Madden NFL 18 introduces a story mode, new playstyle structures and a co-op version of Madden Ultimate Teams. The goal is ultimate accessibility. Does EA succeed?

  • The Uncharted Series charts a new course with two female protagonists. They carry on the Drake legacy to a T in this fantastic outing.

  • If you weren't crazy about Sonic the Hedgehog before, Sonic Mania will certainly fix that. This 2D platformer is filled with all kinds of retro goodness, from fantastic callbacks to amazingly designed levels that let you make the most of Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles' skills.

THQ Nordic Announces Biomutant at Gamescom

Biomutant is an expansive new post-apocalyptic game from THQ Nordic.

BioShock Turns 10 Years Old and Wants to Celebrate

A $200 collector's edition and PAX West event are being held to celebrate BioShock's birthday.

Rise of the Tomb Raider Getting Xbox One X Enhancements

Rise of the Tomb Raider will get three visual mode and true 3D audio on the Xbox One X.

Mass Effect: Andromeda Single-Player Updates End

Multiplayer updates are planned, but Mass Effect: Andromeda's single player story is done.

Jurassic World Evolution Announced

A Jurassic Park sim-style game is coming along with the next movie.

Xbox One X Will Have Limited Project Scorpio Edition

People who loved the Project Scorpio name can try and get a limited Xbox One X with that branding.

Final Fantasy XV Coming to PC in 2018

Final Fantasy XV is coming to Steam, and it's going to need a powerful machine!

Microsoft Announces Minecraft Xbox One S Bundle

A boutique Minecraft Xbox One S Bundle is coming out later this year.

Jurassic World Evolution - Announcement Trailer

Build your own Jurassic World in Jurassic World Evolution. Coming Summer 2018.

Stop Confusing Us Blizzard!

First, there was Then, there was Blizzard. Now, it is Blizzard Just stick with one name already!

Could This Still Save No Man’s Sky?

The seeds of multiplayer have been planted in No Man's Sky, and everyone is ready for it. Could the game finally be on the rebound?

Why the #%*! Do Gamers Curse so Much?

Is there a place in the gaming community where people can find an atmosphere of clean language? Are they doomed to be cursed every time they play online? Perhaps developers and players can come together to make things better and clearer.

Is WWE 2K18 the Hottest Looking Wrestling Game Ever?

WWE 2K18 is said to be the most realistic WWE game yet. But how close can such games really get to real life? Are the changes between installments really that drastic?

Rainbow Six Siege Heads to a Hong Kong Theme Park

Head to Hong Kong in Rainbow Six Siege's newest free map.

Life Is Strange: Before the Storm Has a Trophy Issue

Those shooting for Before the Storm's Platinum trophy have a tough decision to make.

Tekken Franchise Goes Mobile

Fans of the Tekken franchise will be able to enjoy it on iOS and Android devices soon!

Fortnite Getting Survival Mode August 29

Fortnite celebrates one million players with a brand new game mode!

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite - Full Story Trailer

Ultron Sigma has obtained two Infinity Stones and fused the Marvel and Capcom universes. Jedah has conspired with other villains to create a ravenous Symbiote beast. Can our heroes trust Thanos to lead them to the remaining Infinity Stones?

YouTuber Adapts DOOM 2 using Diablo 2 Engine

A modder has created a tool that makes Diablo 2 more like DOOM 2.

Yakuza 6 Coming March 20

Yakuza 6 has a March 2018, as well as pre-order goodies and a limited edition.

Steam Being More Cautious with Key Generation

Steam is cracking down on how developers use game keys and how many it will give out.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Arriving on January 30

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT has a 2018 release date and will be getting limited editions.

Nostalgia Overload! Top 5 Must-Play Retro Games

Retro games that bring back memories of people's youth are wonderful things. But which ones are the five best? And how do gamers find them?

Why Being an A#%hole Still Pays in Gaming

A For Honor player won a $10,000 tournament using an exploit and was super smug about it. Who really wins in this sort of situation?