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Shadow of Mordor’s Season Pass Contents Revealed

See all you get for just twenty five dollars!

Amazon Completes Purchase of Twitch

Purchase completed after Google and YouTube showed interest earlier this year.

Ex Last Guardian Developers Unveil Trailer for Vane

Also working on new game Dangerous Men.

Call of Duty and Destiny Servers Were Hacked… Again

Hacker group offers no reason for the attack.

Guardians of the Galaxy Rises to Third Most Grossing Marvel Movie

Only Iron Man 3 and The Avengers best it now.

Apple Downplays iPhone 6 Bendiness

Bigwig company Apple has responded to the outcry of its latest iPhone, the iPhone 6, being incredibly easy to bend; whilst the company has acknowledged the issue, it has downplayed its severity.

Rumor: Details Leaked for Bloodborne's Multiplayer and Closed Alpha

Leaks regarding the multiplayer and Closed Alpha of the upcoming Bloodborne have surfaced, revealing that said Closed Alpha has been scheduled to take place a little before the game’s release, and more.

FarCry 4 Trailer Shows Why Pegan Min isn't Nice

Charismatic and unsettlingly personable, Pegan Min rules Kryat--FarCry 4’s setting--with a seemingly powerful iron fist, which is made evident by how casual he is about both himself and other around him.

Check Out the First 30 Mins of Gameplay for Fatal Frame on Wii U

The first 30 minutes of gameplay are now available for all to watch. What’s more is that there are also two additional videos to watch alongside the first one, which both of them continuing the gameplay left off in the first video.

Developer Promises They’ve Learned from Battlefield 4 Mistakes

The game “…is gonna work” says creative director.

Who is the New Female Thor?

Thor #1 drops on October 1st

What’s new on the PlayStation this week?

This week’s drop includes entries such as Sherlock Holmes and Lord of the Rings.

Microsoft’s Next-Gen Console Arrives in China

System available in 4,000 retail locations across 37 cities.

Assassin's Creed: Rogue - Templar Vs. Assassin

Get the inside scoop on Assassin's Creed: Rogue.

Alien: Isolation - Crowd Control Trailer

How will you survive Alien: Isolation?

Toy Soldiers: War Chest - Hero Focus Trailer

Check out Toy Soldiers: War Chest.

The Gamification of Real Life

Last week I had the fortune to watch Ender’s Game on Netflix one night, and I asked myself: could such a thing happen in today’s world, where videogames could be used to act in the stead of any modern-day professionalism without the player knowing?

A Fan’s Perspective on FOX’s Gotham

If you only watch one superhero-themed TV series this fall, Gotham should definitely be it!

I'm More Excited about Fantasy Life than Super Smash Bros

Super Smash Bros is nice, but Fantasy Life is far more exciting.

Top Five Ways Hipsters Have Ruined Gaming (and Everything Else)

Would Mario spend eight bucks on trade free coffee?

Going Old-School in Alien: Isolation

On October 7th…no one will hear you scream…again…for the second time…or somethin’.