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Sonic Lost World Coming to PC

Sonic Lost World will receive a PC release via Steam

Telltale Games Removed from App Store

Telltale has removed its collection of games from the app store to deal with technical issues.

Microsoft Demos "Project X-Ray"

This is why you’ll want a HoloLens.

Dead Star Coming to PS4

Stellar reveal trailer released.

Darksiders II ‘Deathinitive Edition’ Announced

Death rides again, just in time for Halloween.

The Crew - Wild Run - Join the Summit Official Trailer

To get a ticket to the unofficial gathering, earn qualifier medals in the open-world racing game.

Guitar Hero Live - Win The Crowd Trailer

The two stars struggle to impress the crowd in the music game...and fail.

Microsoft Hopes to Implement Background Music on Xbox One

Microsoft states that they want to add background music to Xbox One, eventually.

Stop the Premium Pre-Order Pickpockets!

If we want respect from publishers, we need to make better choices with our money.

CheatCC’s Exclusive Interview with WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan said "Yes!" to a WWE 2K16 interview.

Top 5 Worst Old School Controllers in Gaming History

What are the absolute worst pieces of plastic we’ve ever held in our hands during the last few decades of gaming? Read on, as we count down our top five.

Microsoft Offers Physical Halo 5 to LE Purchasers

Microsoft is letting Halo 5 Limited Collector's Edition buyers get physical.

Star Wars Battlefront won't Make You Fight with Microtransactions

Put away your wallets. DICE isn't looking to make any more money off of you with Star Wars Battlefront.

Buy Emotes in Destiny with "Silver"

If you're willing to pay real cash, you can show your emotions in Destiny.

You'll Need 40GB for Assassin's Creed Syndicate

Make some room for the Syndicate on your Xbox One.

Street Fighter V and Umbrella Corps Playable at NYCC 2015

Invite Zangief under your Umbrella at the 2015 New York Comic Con.

Titanfall Celebrating 10 Million Sales

It's an army of mechs larger than the world’s biggest militaries combined.

Lab Zero Releases Free Protoype of Indivisible

This RPG from the creators of Skullgirls already looks beautiful.

Fan-made amiibo Generates Thousands for Charity

This is the only overpriced amiibo worth buying.

Pikascrewed: Pokemon Co. Brings Down the Hammer

Fans flip a middle finger and rally support for the accused.

WWE 2K16 - MyCareer Official Gameplay Trailer

Make your own way from NXT all the way to the Hall of Fame in WWE 2K16

Battlefield 4 - Community Operations - Playtest Trailer

First look at the upcoming Battlefield 4 Community Operations DLC.

Spider-Man Catches The Avengers in His Web

Oh what tangled webs we weave when trust in Sony we bequeath.