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Special Deals in Uncharted 4 This Weekend

Celebrate Memorial Day weekend with a sweet 50% relic bonus on all challenges.

Dragon Quest Builders Headed West This October

Dragon Quest continues to build a larger Western fan base, and that's great news for RPG lovers.

Modders Bring DOOM Weapons to Original Doom

A talented group of modders are attempting to recreate new DOOM in old Doom and, so far, they're doing a great job.

Gamestop COO Expects New Console Announcements at E3

He also expects VR to drum up a lot of consumer interest, so PlayStation VR will likely have a big presence.

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward - Revenge of the Horde Trailer

This update brings new main scenario quests, beast tribe quests, an alliance raid and more to the MMO.

Amazon’s Out of Overwatch Copies

Want Overwatch? Amazon may not be the place to go.

Let’s "Goat" to Space With Goat Simulator: Waste of Space

Goat Simulator is baaa-ck with a space expansion.

Only One Game Is on the Dead Island: Definitive Collection Disc

The PlayStation 4 Dead Island: Definitive Edition disc is missing something.

The Dangers of Monetizing Virtual Spaces

The so-called President of Virtual Reality wants to charge everybody for navigating the online world.

Gaming in June is Gonna Freakin’ Rock!

Put down your guns for a bit and try out one of these fantastic non-shooters next month!

Ghost Recon Wildlands Will Be Available in Multiple Editions

There will be six different variations of Ghost Recon Wildlands to buy.

Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens Has Extra Options

Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens will start the day off right with a season pass and deluxe edition.

Why the Legend of Zelda Fandom is Still Strong

If the Zelda fandom is completely irrelevant, what use are the many fan sites and Zelda theorists out there?

Could Microsoft Win Round 2 of the Console War?

A new Xbox, code-named Scorpio, is rumored to be 50% more powerful than the PS4 Neo.

5 Reasons Apocalypse Could be the Best X-Men Movie Ever

This new generation of X-Men films just keeps getting better.

Head of Inti Creates Calls Mighty No. 9 Trailer "Unforgivable"

Takuya Aizu threw a bit of a tantrum, but to be fair, the trailer really does suck.

Sony Has Now Sold Over 40 Million PS4s

It's not the best-selling Sony console yet, but it is the fastest.

Ex Watch_Dogs Devs Working on New Online Brawler

Absolver is an online melee action game with fascinating mechanics and a sleek aesthetic.

New "Battle" Mini-Game Comes to Minecraft Next Month

Ever wanted an arena-style combat mode in Minecraft? No? Well, you're getting one.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - The Mechanical Apartheid

In 2027, mechanically-augmented people all over the world suffered from extreme psychotic delusions, lost control of themselves, and started attacking people.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands - In-Engine Trailer

See the various environments, vehicles, and ways to kill the bad guys in this new video.

Why We Love Loot in Gaming

A great story isn't enough to justify dozens of hours of grinding. We need some sick gear to keep us going.

Thanks for Ripping Us Off Battleborn!

Can we really trust Gearbox and Battleborn?