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  • Treyarch's Brittany Pirello, Miles Leslie, and Tony Flame took time to talk about the finer points of Black Ops 4's multiplayer mode during our interview from the big live-event reveal we attended last week.

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has an increased focus on fighting with other people. What does multiplayer offer? Check out how some of its Specialists and modes operate from the live event preview we attended.

  • Undead Labs has a tall order - to deliver a noteworthy exclusive for the Microsoft platform that desperately needs them. But will the bargain price allow many to enjoy this slice of death on the cheap?

  • Epic gaming moms aren't nearly as common as video game dads. When are developers going to fix this?

  • In addition to the huge hit Nintendo has on their hands with the Switch, the classic series of consoles have set the industry on fire as well. But now that we've covered the NES and SNES, where do we go from here?

LEGO The Incredibles - Gameplay Trailer

**BREAKING NEWS** Syndrome is on the loose! In order to stop him, the Parr family needs to work together and take back the city.

R.I.P. to the PlayStation Vita

The Vita is headed towards the light at the end of the tunnel. Let's look back and the highs and the lows of a great handheld.

How Gaming Ruins Relationships (And Why It Should Stop)

Gaming abuse is rampant these days. It needs to stop before it's too late. Think of the children!

How NOT to Screw Up Pokemon on Switch

Rumors are flying regarding what the first Switch Pokemon game should look like. While that is up in the air, there are a few things that definitely shouldn't happen!

CheatCC’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Treyarch Interview

Treyarch's Brittany Pirello, Miles Leslie, and Tony Flame took time to talk to Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 about the finer points of the latest entry’s Multiplayer mode.

Fortnite Mobile to Receive Voice Chat and Android Version

A blog post by Epic Games has detailed upcoming updates for Fortnite

Dark Souls: Remastered Will Fix Blighttown

Blighttown can now realize its full potential in upcoming remaster for Dark Souls

The Division 2 Set to Release this Year

The freshly announced Division 2 is on the horizon with more details to come next month.

Final Fantasy XI Director Talks About Future Versions

A future mobile remake is in the works but will that be all?

Why We Need to Be OK with Gaming Slavery

Conan Exiles allows players to build camps on the backs of slaves. Is that a mistake?

2018 E3 Rumor Rundown

So, how do people feel about all these wacky E3 2018 rumors? Will where be a Gears of War? A new Splinter Cell?

Top 5 Comic-based Video Games Ever

Comics are a fantastic medium with amazing characters and epic stories. It’s great when games can take that and make them more interactive. Especially when it comes to these five comic games that really rock!

Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII - Reveal Trailer

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Multiplayer raises the bar for the famed multiplayer mode delivering the most thrilling grounded combat experience yet with a focus on tactical gameplay and player choice.

No Man’s Sky Multiplayer Launches in July 2018

Multiplayer is finally coming to No Man's Sky, along with the new Xbox One version.

Yoshimitsu Confirmed for Soulcalibur VI

Yoshimitsu is the latest returning character for Soulcalibur VI.

Halo: Fireteam Raven Announced for Arcades

A new Halo arcade game is coming to Dave & Busters this summer.

Wreck-It Ralph is in Kingdom Hearts III

The latest new character in Kingdom Hearts III is Wreck-It Ralph.

CoD: Black Ops IV Details Revealed; Big Changes for the Series

Black Ops 4: Battle Royale, Zombie Maps, Gameplay Changes and More.

Epic Will Run an Online Tournament for Fortnite

Competitive players who want to win some prizes can soon do so in Fortnite

Microsoft to Offer Free Games and Xbox Live for the Weekend

If you're on the fence about Xbox Live, Fallout 4, or Rainbow Six Siege, jump on an Xbox this weekend.

Destiny 2's Crucible Labs Detailed by Bungie

The upcoming Crucible Labs mode should further improve Destiny 2.

Second Chrono Trigger Update Launches

Update number two has hit Chrono Trigger, and it mostly addresses the game's UI.

Nerf Launching Overwatch Blasters in 2019

Overwatch-themed Nerf Rival guns are coming in 2019.

Esports Gambling to Expand Following Supreme Court Ruling

After a federal ban on sports betting was lifted, esports betting companies are preparing to expand.