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  • CheatCC counts down five of gaming's greatest hidden gems that you may (or may not) have uncovered!

  • Battlefront nails the feeling of being part of a Star Wars movie battle.

  • Many of us consider ourselves gaming aficionados, but we'll bet we've rounded up at least a handful of awesome gaming facts you probably didn't know. Here are our top ten, so hang on for the ride gamers!

  • WWE 2K15 was lacking in many areas, not offering a substantial roster, limiting Create a Wrestler, and only allowing six characters in the ring on the PS4 and Xbox One. Fortunately, all early indications suggest WWE 2K16 is ready to restore faith in the series.

  • The Transformers have evolved in the past several years, though many would say not for the better. Transformers: Devastation pulls the series back to its roots, paying incredible respect and authenticity to the original generation (boasting incredibly fun gameplay in the process)!

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Battlefront nails the feeling of being part of a Star Wars movie battle.

Top 5 Epic Easter Eggs of Gaming

CheatCC counts down five of gaming's greatest hidden gems that you may (or may not) have uncovered!

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 - Cybercore: Chaos Trailer

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