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FIFA 16 - New FUT Legends Trailer

Landon Donovan, Alexi Lalas and other greats are coming to the Xbox versions of the soccer game.

Need for Speed - Five Ways to Play Trailer

Electronic Arts showcases five different ways to play the racing game in this new video.

NBA 2K16 - The Living World Trailer

The development team discusses how each team and coach feels different in the basketball game.

FIFA 16 - New FUT Legends Trailer

Landon Donovan, Alexi Lalas and other greats are coming to the Xbox versions of the soccer game.

Transformers: Devastation - Peter Cullen Interview

The voice of Optimus Prime chats about how this game goes back to the franchise's roots.

Resident Evil Origins Collection - Official Trailer

The Resident Evil Origins Collection is a physical disc product that combines both Resident Evil 0 with Resident Evil.

Bungie: Doomed to Fail or Destined to Succeed?

Are you mad at Bungie? The very reason you're mad might just by why the company survives.

WOW! We Didn’t See This Coming!

Vicarious Visions had a number of Skylanders SuperChargers Donkey Kong and Bowser amiibo anecdotes to share.

20th Anniversary Edition DualShock 4 Delayed

It looks like the PS4 20th Anniversary DualShock 4 controller may be about one week late.

Pokemon Shuffle Goes Mobile

Do the Pokemon Shuffle on your tablet or smartphone.

GameStop's Blue Vita is an Exclusive

Feeling blue? This GameStop exclusive Vita may help.

Splat Drops into Skylanders SuperChargers with Pop Fizz

New whimsical characters are ready to get SuperCharged.

Skylanders SuperChargers will Have Cross-Save Functionality

The Skylanders series will get cross-save with cloud-based saves for the first time.

Is Nintendo’s New System a Stupid Mistake?

Nintendo shouldn't be releasing the standard New 3DS outside of Japan.

Capcom Apparently Localizing Ace Attorney 6

The next Ace Attorney game will be at TGS, and eventually in the US too.

Street Fighter V Pre-Order Costumes, Collector's Edition Announced

Street Fighter V now has a $100 collector's edition and 4 pre-order costumes.

Watch how Halo 5: Guardians Begins

Halo 5's opening movie has hit and it doesn't star who you think it would.

Sony Reveals PS4 Firmware 3.00: Kenshin Features

Get ready for more cloud storage, a PlayStation Miiverse, and more.

Only Microsoft and GameStop Initially Selling Xbox One Elites

If you want to shop anywhere else, you'll have to wait until December.

Halo 5: Guardians - Opening Cinematic

Fireteam Osiris assembles and takes on Covenant and Promethean forces in a spectacular action sequence.

Forza Motorsport 6 - Launch Trailer

Microsoft's next sim racer is ready to drive.

Why Do We Love to Hate Quiet?

Quiet may look like a fanservice character, but don't judge her until you've played Metal Gear Solid V.

Wesker Mode Coming to Resident Evil Origins Collection

When Resident Evil 0 comes to consoles and PCs, Wesker will be tagging along.

New 3DS Coming to US with Animal Crossing or Zelda Designs

The standard New 3DS will come to America with Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer.