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Huge GTA V Update! Release Date Revealed and More!

Pre-order bonus scores you $1,000,000 in bonus cash!

Bungie Says it Looked Forward to Leaving Halo Behind

Team found the uncoupling to be very “liberating.”

How Destiny Introduces MMOs to FPS Fans

Some new features may seem strange to long-time FPS players.

Smash Bros Roster Confirmed

Roster leak turns out to be true.

Persona and NES Themed Nintendo 3DS are U.S. Exclusive

Sorry Europe, you are missing on on these.

Destiny Players Find Infinite Ammo

Not clear whether it's a hack or an exploit.

PlayStation Store Taken Out of the PSP

Gamers will still have access to their PSP games though.

Namco Bandai Might Release Xenosaga HD Collection

Harada needs several users to tweet him every day for the project to be a reality.

Ubisoft Creative Director Walks You Through an Assassin's Creed Unity Heist

The creative director for bigwig developer Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Unity, Alex Amancio, has provided a walkthrough of a co-op heist mission, which are described as being different that the brotherhood missions that have already been introduced.

Sony Releases Video Regarding PS4 Unexpected Disc Eject Issues

According to Sony, a number of PlayStation 4 users have been experiencing unexpected disc ejection problems. In the hopes of rectifying the problem, the company’s PlayStation Knowledge Center has released a video demonstrating how to fix the issue.

European Costume Pre-order Bonuses Detailed for Hyrule Warriors

The Ocarina of Time custom pre-order bonus, which was previously only available via GameStop, has been announced to also now be available in Europe, as confirmed by Nintendo’s marketing manager via Twitter.

Destiny Has Already Made Over $500 Million in Revenue

Bigwig publisher Activision has announced that Bungie’s recently release shooter Destiny has already made over $500 million in revenue since its launched on Tuesday, September 9.

Flockers - PS4 Announce Trailer

Flockers is coming to PS4.

Crimes And Punishment: Sherlock Holmes - Location Trailer

Get ready for some Crimes and Punishment with Sherlock Holmes.

Alien: Isolation - Don't Shoot Trailer

How will you survive Alien: Isolation?

KLAUS - Announce Trailer

KLAUS is announced for the PS4 and PS Vita.

The Crew - Everybody Drive Trailer

Get social with The Crew.

Microsoft Can’t Win in a Fair Fight.

Is the rumored buyout of Minecraft developer Mojang a last ditch effort to stay relevant in the next-generation?

Q & A with Blake Harris, Author of Console Wars

Blake Harris couldn’t get a Super Nintendo as a child, and as a result, he’s chatting with me.

10 Reasons the Xbox One Still Sucks

The Xbox one still’s ten reasons why.

10 of the Hottest Gun-Toting Babes in the Biz

Warning…it’s getting hot in here with the hottest gun-toting ladies in gaming.