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The Evil Within’s Launch Date Moved Up a Week

The Evil Within has been pushed up a week.

Nintendo to Use NFC Capabilities for Purchases

Nintendo will be integrating NFC purchase capability into the Wii U.

The Sims 4 May Have a Premium Service

The Sims 4 will have a premium service.

Rumor: Margaret Might Join Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Roster

Margaret may be joining Persona 4 Arena Ultimax.

New to the PlayStation This Week!

Oddworld digital and Walking Dead just some of the latest.

Why Some Destiny Fans Will Never Play Together

Why technical issues make this a virtual impossibility.

Where Did All the Yogventures Funding Go?

Mismanagement and lack of oversight spelled disaster for title.

Reasons Why Xbox Fans Should Be Hyped About Destiny Beta

Five things that make this epic release a must-play

Heroes of the Storm's Progression System to be Overhauled

Blizzard Entertainment’s MOBA Heroes of the Storm is scheduled to soon have its progression system completely overhauled, as well as also receive improvements to its Hero Quests, Player Profiles and more.

Xbox One Update Enables 3D Blu-ray, Adds Mobile Purchases and More

The August update for Microsoft’s Xbox One brings about various social improvements (such as updates to the Activity Feed), and it’ll also enable you to turn on the Xbox One’s 3D Blu-ray functionality, make purchases via mobile and more.

Voice of The Last of Us' Ellie Chides Ubisoft For Male-Only Assassin's Creed Unity

In an interview with The Last of Us’ voice actress for Ellie, Ashley Johnson has criticized bigwig publisher Ubisoft for Assassin’s Creed Unity’s male-only characters.

Hearthstone's Curse of Naxxramas Cards Detailed

Hearthstone’s forthcoming singleplayer adventure Curse of Naxxramas is touted to have over 30 new cards to collect and use on the board, 15 of which have been named and detailed.

Destiny - Vanguard Armory Pre-Order Trailer

Pre-order and gear up with the Vanguard Armory.

Hyrule Warriors - Zelda with Baton Trailer

Take a look at the latest Hyrule Warriors trailer.

Oddworld: New N' Tasty - Launch Trailer

Oddworld: New N' Tasty is here.

The Last of Us - One Night Live

Check out this amazing upcoming event for The Last of Us.

Warriors Orochi 3: Ultimate - Debut Trailer

Warriors Orochi 3 is getting an Ultimate edition.

Xbox One - Best Games Trailer

Is Xbox One the best place to play?

Hyrule Warriors Video Shows Off Princess Zelda in Action

As showcased on YouTube via the official YouTube channel of Hyrule Warrior’s Japanese publisher, Tecmo Koei, a new video featuring the recognised female character Princess Zelda shows off her combat prowess in action against a horde of enemies.

Yogventures Cancelled, Backers Given Steam Key For Another Game

The developer behind the Kickstarter-funded Yogventures, Winterkewl Games, has announced that project has been cancelled, and has offered early access to the game TUG to its backers as compensation.

Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain release date Accidently Leaked

As discovered by eagle-eyed Reddit user DustyRetina, the release date for the upcoming addition to the Metal Gear Solid franchise, Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain, was accidently leaked in an interview with game director Hideo Kojima by The Guardian.

10 DC Comics That Need To Be Movies

We count down ten DC Comics titles that need to be movies.

Club Nintendo Survey Strategies

Been holding off on redeeming Club Nintendo points until after the year ended and Elite Status rewards were doled out? Here are tips to get through the survey backlog.

Final Fantasy Type-0 Fan Translation Takedown Is Justified

Let's be honest - only pirates are upset about Square Enix demanding the take down of the Final Fantasy Type-0 patch.