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Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth Details Discussed

Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth will be deliberately vague in terms of its narrative so that players can use their imagination to fill in the gaps and determine what humanity will become.

Oculus Rift Sells About 85,000 Units

Oculus Rift posts sales and pre-order numbers.

Sony of Japan Announces Three New Vita Titles

Three new Japanese Vita titles to be localized for American audiences.

King of the Hill Mode Coming To Killzone Shadow Fall Later This week

Killzone Shadow Fall will receive a King of the Hill mode later this week.

Georgia Passes Law Giving Tax Breaks to Video Game Developers

Georgia signs an act that gives massive tax breaks to video game developers.

Blizzard Recaps Heroes of the Storm at PAX East

Following this year's PAX East, Blizzard Entertainment has recapped on various information on its MOBA Heroes of the Storm, including the reveal of four new heroes.

Mickey’s Castle of Illusion is Free on PlayStation Plus

Miskey's Castle of Illusion free on PlayStation Plus.

Borderlands 2 Gets It’s Last Piece of DLC

Gearbox ending Borderlands 2 DLC support.

Xbox One April System Update Detailed, Out Now

Major Nelson provides an overview of the features in the latest Xbox One system update.

Homeworld Remastered Collector's Edition Includes Mothership Model

Gearbox Software's Homeworld Remastered Collector's Edition will include a 12-inch replica of the Mothership.

Dead Nation to Arrive on PS Vita This Week

Dead Nation will be releasing on PlayStation Vita in the US today, April 15, and on Wednesday, April 16 in the EU.

StarCraft II 2014 Season 2 Has Begun

The second season of StarCraft II's ladder has now started, and with it comes new maps.

Square-Enix India Shuts Down After One Year

Square-Enix closes Square-Enix India.

Is Reality Over-Rated?

With the latest advancements in VR opening up the possibilities of truly immersive environments for the first time, some question if the real world will hold the same level of appeal in the future.

Where Is Virtual Reality Headed?

The recent surge of interest in VR tech has us hoping that those companies behind the coming onslaught of VR headsets handle the entire endeavor correctly.

The Vita is Keeping JRPGs Alive

The Vita is coming into its own, and is helping the JRPG genre thrive.

Firaxis Announces Civilization: Beyond Earth

The next Civilization game will be Civilization: Beyond Earth.

Penny Arcade Announces Brand New PAX Convention: PAX South

Penny Arcade announces a brand new convention, PAX South.

First Titanfall DLC Announced

Respawn Entertainment reveals the first Titanfall DLC pack: Expedition.

Guacamelee Developer Announces Brand New Project: Severed

Guacamelee developer announces brand new project, Severed, a combination of Mega Man, Punch Out!, and Infinity Blade.

This Year’s GaymerX2 Will Be The Last Gaymer Event

GaymerX2 closes it's doors after this year.

The Virtuix Omni Virtual Reality Treadmill Will Ship in July

Virtuix Omni set to ship pre-orders soon.

Watch_Dogs Ultra Specs Revealed

Ubisoft unveils utlra specs for Watch_Dogs PC version.

Titanfall Sees Huge Sales Spike in UK After Xbox 360 Version Releases

Titanfall sales triple in the UK after the Xbox 360 version comes out.