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  • One of the greatest video game system of all time launched this week back in the glorious days of 1996, and we couldn't help but commemorate all of its greatness with a 64-bit top ten list!

  • Fans who've already played the PS3 games will be pleased with these latest improvements, while newbies interested in Uncharted 4: A Thief's End will have the perfect place to start. Check out our review here!

  • Activision tries to capitalize on the old-school nostalgia attached to the Pro Skater franchise. It should have just let one of America's all-time favorite video game franchises retire with some dignity.

  • NBA Live 16 offers gamers just about every basketball game mode under the sun. Unfortunately EA Sports neglected to polish off their visuals and gameplay mechanics, leaving gamers with a wealth of content and no appreciation for it.

  • The NBA 2K series is a continuous work in progress for developer Visual Concepts, and each new entry brings a new centerpiece along with its minor upgrades. Bringing in Spike Lee to create a meaningful career mode for your custom character is a masterful move, even if the script won't win an Oscar.

Star Fox Zero Running at 120 FPS

Actually, it’s running at 60 FPS, twice.

NBA 2K16 Hits Record-Shattering Sales

2K made more money in a week than LeBron makes in a year.

Street Fighter V - Zangief Reveal Trailer

Capcom reveals Zangief for Street Fighter 5's roster.

Microsoft Finally Announces Fallout 4 Bundle

November can’t come soon enough.

Top 10 Hottest N64 Games of All Time

One of the greatest video game system of all time launched this week back in the glorious days of 1996, and we couldn’t help but commemorate all of its greatness with a 64-bit top ten list!

A Word From a Pissed Off Nintendo Fan

I have a New 3DS, but I'm still mad at Nintendo. Can we bring Nintendo kicking and screaming into the modern gaming market?

Clancraft: A Guide to Halo 5 Multiplayer Success

These specialist players might be lone wolves, but they could be the heroes of your Warzone clan.

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Supports amiibo

18 amiibo suddenly became a little more useful to 3DS owners.

Humble Monthly Bundle Gives You Guaranteed Games

First there was the Humble Bundle, then the Humble Weekly Bundle and Mobile Bundle. Now, there's a Humble Monthly Bundle.

Microsoft will have a Xbox One Gears of War Holiday Bundle

New Xbox One with Kinect and Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Xbox One bundles will be home for the holidays.

Famitsu Accidentally Leaks Street Fighter V's Laura

Capcom couldn't contain a Street Fighter V Laura leak.

Times Square's PlayStation Theater Officially Named

The Best Buy Theater has transformed into the PlayStation Theater by the power of Sony.

Square Enix Cancels its Horrible Deus Ex Pre-order Program

It turns out that we really never asked for this.

Fallout 4 DLC Already Available for Purchase

The only catch? Bethesda has no idea what it is yet.

Minecraft Holds Glitzy Hollywood Premier

Clear a block in your schedule; it’s free!

Zangief Added to Street Fighter V Roster

New trailer depicts devastating grappling and chest hair.

Minecraft - Story Mode: Episode 1 - The Order of the Stone

Get your first full look at the start of the biggest adventure to come to Minecraft yet.

It’s Official...Dark Souls is the Greatest Game Ever

Dark Souls achieves greatness with subtlety and challenge.

PS+ Subscribers Encounter Meat Boy and a Broken Age in October

Get your 'meat' on with PlayStation Plus next month.

Who's at Fault if VR Makes Us Hurl?

Will everybody play the blame game if VR makes people sick?

The Destiny / Halo Killer You Can Play Right Now

Here's what I "ink" is the best title in today's sea of shooters.

No One is Working on a Game of Thrones Movie Now

George R. R. Martin responded to the Game of Thrones movie rumor in an adorable way.

Street Fighter V may Have Costumes You Can Earn

The Street Fighter V characters have got the look, but will you have to pay for their styles?