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  • In a title rated M for mature audiences only, isn't it ridiculous we're having a conservation about removing nudity from a video game when it's so prevalent in every day media (not to mention our real-world lives)?

  • While the free-to-play model has been somewhat sketchy thus far, like it or not it's likely to remain a big part of our gaming futures. So perhaps it's time for some of the bigger names in the industry to embrace this new shift. Join us as we countdown our top ten titles we hope adopt this new trend very soon.

  • Its impressive scope, beautiful details, and character relationships make Final Fantasy XV more than a sum of its parts. It can frustrate, but the bold choices it makes and the epic moments it delivers make it absolutely worth a play.

  • You don't have to be a music geek to appreciate catchy tunes. And there is no denying; video games have some of the most awesome soundtracks ever made!

  • Technology has grown by leaps and bounds since we were kids, especially in fields like education and gaming. So is it perhaps time to combine the two? Take Minecraft for example, which could become a great asset to any modern day classroom.

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