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LittleBigPlanet Gets Frozen

Dress up your sackboys as Elsa and Anna.

Square-Enix Reveals Trailer for Life Is Strange

What would you do with the power to change the past?

WWE 2k15 Gets DLC Wrestlers

Now you can play as wrestlers from the WCW... and Sting!

Gabe Newell Resurrects Hatred on Steam

Murder simulator back on Greenlight.

The Weekly PlayStation Store Update Features Discounts and More

Find Dragon Age DLC and more for your digital stocking stuffer needs.

Sony’s Week 3 Holiday Sale Details Revealed!

Sale ends next Monday, December 22.

Will Next Pirates of the Caribbean Film Be A Total Reboot?

Actor suggests a return of absent Will Turner character into leading role.

Does BioShock Creator Have New Game in the Works?

Ken Levine looks to Mordor for flexible narrative.

10 Indie Games To Watch For

We count down ten upcoming indie titles that look awesome.

Online Heists Finally Revealed for GTA V

Players will be able to pull heists together in early 2015.

Humble Bundle Celebrates $50 Million Raised for Charity

Thanks to the efforts of the Humble Bundle community over the course of four years, Humble Bundle has raised funds for more than 50 charitable organisations.

Dragon Age: Inquisition Gets Free Multiplayer Content Pack

Get new multiplayer content for free or pay to upgrade to the game's Deluxe Edition.

Microsoft Confirmed as Tomb Raider Sequel's Publisher

No word on the length of timed Xbox exclusivity yet.

Can Halo Really Become a 30 Year Dynasty?

Those at Microsoft and 343 Industries seem extremely optimistic about Master Chief’s future in the gaming landscape beyond 2015. I, on the other hand, have my doubts.

Details Revealed for Street Fighter V

Find out how the new power-up system works.

Amazon, Ralph Baer and #GamerGate Shook the Games Industry in 2014

Gamasutra details some of the biggest game industry events of 2014.

Ciri is The Witcher 3's New Playable Character

Players will take the role of this mysterious and powerful woman during key plot moments.

Controversial Game Hatred Taken Down from Steam Greenlight

Do you support a game that is essentially a murder simulator?

Yet Another Halo Patch Looks to Improve Matchmaking

New fix, jam-packed with tweaks, will hopefully continue smoothing over the online experience.

Riptor Revealed for Killer Instinct Season 2

Aggressive and easy to use aggressive character pays homage to Killer Instinct's roots.

Nintendo Says It Will No Longer Balance Smash Bros.

Sakurai states that no more balance patches will be released for the game.

More on Avengers, X-Men: Apocalypse and Wolverine 3

Jackman neither confirms nor denies Wolverine’s appearance in upcoming X-Men sequel.

Microsoft Closes Out the Year with an Xbox Sale

Microsoft’s deals expire next Monday, so check them out soon if you're interested!