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PlayStation Now Open Beta Begins Today!

Director teases a subscription based model may be offered in the future.

Nintendo Files Three New Quality of Life Trademarks

Nintendo trademarks new quality of life services.

Sony Turned Down EA’s Digital Access Service

An additional $5 per month subscription is not a “good value” they state.

Capcom Sales Decline, Company Blames Lack of Major New Titles

Capcom sales are down because of lack of new major titles.

Microsoft Issues Service Alert for Xbox 360 and Xbox One

All Xbox services are currently on the fritz.

Watch_Dogs Expansion Heads to New Jersey

Watch Dogs will be heading to Camden, New Jersey in a new expansion.

Inside the Development Costs of an Xbox Port

Porting a game from the PC to the home console is not as easy as you might think!

Universal Classic Getting Reboot

New Mummy movie gets director.

Check out Dragon Age: Inquisition's combat Trailer

BioWare has released a new trailer that shows off the in-game combat of the upcoming addition to the Dragon Age series, Dragon Ages: Inquisition, which features the game’s real-time action and the tactical camera.

Elite: Dangerous devs show off Beta Trailer

Frontier Developments has released a new trailer of Elite: Dangerous’ Beta, which is now available to all for £50, or your regional equivalent.

Sony responds to EA Access

Sony has explained why EA Access won’t be coming to its PlayStation 4, saying that EA Access “does not bring the kind of value PlayStation customers have come to expect.”

Collector's Editions Revealed for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Bigwig publisher Activision has revealed details on three Collector’s Edition’s for the upcoming addition to the Call of Duty franchise, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

Homefront Sequel's Director Now Boss of New Deep Silver Studio; Koch Media Acquires IP

It’s been reported that changes are happening regarding the Homefront sequel and the Homefront IP itself, as Koch Media and Deep SIlver have announced that they have acquired the rights to the game from Crytek.

Titanfall - Frontier's Edge Gameplay Trailer

Go to the Frontier's Edge in Titanfall.

Watch_Dogs - Dev Tips - Takedowns

Get some dev tips for takedowns in Watch_Dogs.

PlayStation Now - Open Beta Breakdown

Be a part of the PlayStation Now Beta.

Need for Speed: The Movie - Own the Movie Trailer

You can own the Need for Speed movie very soon.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor - The Wraith Gameplay

Take a look at the latest gameplay from Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor.

AirMech Arena - Launch Trailer

Take a look out AirMech Arena.

Comic Con 2014 Wrap-Up

I take a look back at all the weekend’s exciting new info and round up my favorite stores to come rocketing out of the San Diego area upon the event’s conclusion.

So You Want to Import Some PlayStation Games

Here is how you purchase Japanese import games.

Why Isn’t The Last of Us a Cross Buy Game?

Why isn't The Last of Us Remastered a cross buy game.

The Military Shooter Is Dead

We are starting to see variety in the shooter genre.

Another Nail in GameStop’s Coffin

Some might suggest I’m crying wolf, but you might want to reconsider my position in the coming months.