Alice In Wonderland


  • DGamer bonuses

    Tap the "Padlock" icon behind the Bonus Door, then enter one of the following codes at the combination lock to unlock the corresponding bonus for your DGamer avatar:

    Avatar itemCode
    Big Playing Card2273
    Dormouse coat3676
    Dormouse mask3675
    Green Alice book4625
    Impossible Ideas t-shirt4332
    Keyhole t-shirt5398
    Mad Hatter coat2628
    Mad Hatter t-shirt4288
    March Hare mask2675
    Tan Alice book2625
    Tea Cup8328
    Tweedle outfit8946
    White Queen's dress9483
    White Rabbit mask9675
    White Rabbit's watch8463

  • DGamer avatar items

    Create a DGamer profile, and make an avatar. Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding item for your avatar:

      Alice Dress/Alice Armor: Collect all pieces of the Magic Armor.
      Caterpillar Outfit: Have Absolem join your party.
      Cheshire Outfit: Have The Cheshire Cat join your party.
      Dormouse Coat: Enter "3676" as a password.
      Hatter Outfit: Have the Hatter join your party.
      Red Guard Outfit: Defeat one of the tougher armed Red Guards for the first time.
      Stayne Eyepatch: Defeat Stayne twice.
      Stayne Mantle: Defeat Stayne once.
      Vorpal Sword: Find the Vorpal Sword.
      White Rabbit Jacket: Successfully complete Chapter 1.

  • DGamer achievements

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to unlock the corresponding Disney Gamer achievement:

      Living Oraculum: Unlock every chapter.
      Puzzle Master: Find every map piece, and explore all map locations.
      Rushed Rabbit: Defeat 50 enemies using McTwisp's Slow Down ability.
      Savior of Underland: Defeat the Jabberwocky.
      Weird, Wise, Malicious: Get the remaining three characters in your party.

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