Battle Of Giants: Dragons


Note: This game is also titled Combat Of Giants: Dragons.

  • Gold Gem codes

    At the "Extras" menu, select the "Unlock Gold Gems" option. Then, enter one of the following codes to unlock the corresponding Gold Gem:

    Breath Gold Gem KUGDIM (Level 5)AWBF CRSL HGAT
    Breath Gold Gem KUZEN (Level 5)ACLC SCRS VOSK
    Breath Gold Gem NAMGILIMA (Level 5)ISAM SKNF DKTD
    Breath Gold Gem NIGHHALAMA (Level 5)ZNBN QOKS THGO
    Breath Gold Gem SUGZAG (Level 5)XSPC LLSL KJLP
    Claw Gold Gem GHIDRU (Level 4)GPGE SMEC TDTB
    Claw Gold Gem MUDRU (Level 5)ABLP CGPG SGAM
    Claw Gold Gem NIGHZU (Level 3)POZX MJDR GJSA
    Claw Gold Gem ULUH (Level 2)SAPO RLNM VUSD
    Claw Gold Gem USUD (Level 1)NAKF HLAP SDSP
    Head Gold Gem AGA (Level 5)GPKT BBWT SGNR
    Head Gold Gem DALLA (Level 4)EPWB MPOR TRTA
    Head Gold Gem KINGAL (Level 3)FHSK EUFV KALP
    Head Gold Gem MEN (Level 1)PQTM AONV UTNA
    Head Gold Gem SAGHMEN (Level 2)TNAP CTJS LDUF
    Tail Gold Gem A'ASH (Level 1)LSSN GOAJ READ
    Tail Gold Gem AHS BALA (Level 4)VLQL QELB IYDS
    Tail Gold Gem ASH (Level 2)FUTY HVNS LNVS
    Tail Gold Gem ASH SAR (Level 3)LPAQ KOYH TGDS
    Tail Gold Gem NAMTAGTAG (Level 5)VLDB DDSL NCJA
    Wing Gold Gem A'SHUM (Level 5)LRYV LCJC MEBT
    Wing Gold Gem ATUKU (Level 5)ALVN HRSF MSEP
    Wing Gold Gem BARASH (Level 5)IQUW ENPC SRGA
    Wing Gold Gem NIM (Level 5)SGHJ VLPO QEIK
    Wing Gold Gem NIMSAHARA (Level 5)QPLA OKFC NBUS

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