Battle Of Giants: Mutant Insects


Note: This game is also titled Combat Of Giants: Mutant Insects.

  • Cheat mode

    At the main menu, choose the "Options" selection, and select the "Unlock Rewards" option. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

      500 Golden Gems

      Enter "HDTQ JCLO SSUU" or "SRKC RDZR KZAE" as a code to get 500 Golden Gems each.

      750 Golden Gems

      Enter "FBRY CMTR KXUQ" or "OAZN CEYQ XRDT" as a code to get 750 Golden Gems each.

      Claw upgrade

      Enter "PLQO ILQJ YKEQ" as a code to unlock the Claw upgrade.

      Electricity upgrade

      Enter "WLUA DZCN ZNKE" as a code to unlock the Electricity upgrade.

      Head upgrade

      Enter "TDFS ZITF BKYE" as a code to unlock the Head upgrade.

      Ice upgrade

      Enter "PLAL TALG JPZV" as a code to unlock the Ice upgrade.

      Mutant Fly/Ant

      Enter "CHYV UEMJ QVGM" as a code.

      Cyan color

      Enter "LYYD UAXR IPRT" as a code.

      Green color

      Enter "LCYH FVQZ XEVB" as a code.

      Red color

      Enter "QODI LHGH HNBN" as a code.

      Yellow color

      Enter "TZCK AXZJ VSTW" as a code.

  • Formideos

    Successfully complete Adventure mode to unlock Formideos.

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