Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare - Mobilized



Survival mode

At the main menu, select the "War Room" option, then choose the "Options" selection. Enter Select, L, R, Select, Y, Y, X, R, L, X, R, Y as a password to unlock Survival mode for your current game session. Alternately, successfully complete the game on the Hardened difficulty.

Arcade mode

Successfully complete Campaign mode on the Regular or Hardened difficulty to unlock Arcade mode.

Mini-Game mode

Successfully complete Campaign mode to unlock Mini-Game mode.

Shooting gallery

Get a kill with all gun models to unlock the shooting gallery, which allows you to test out all of the available guns.

Bonus weapons

Get the indicated number of kills on the listed side in Multiplayer mode to unlock the corresponding weapon:


    M4 with red dot scope: 50 kills
    AA12 automatic shotgun: 150 kills
    P90 submachine gun: 300 kills
    M249 SAW machine gun: 500 kills


    Skorpion machine pistol: 50 kills
    AN94 assault rifle: 150 kills
    Steyr AUG A3: 300 kills
    Heckler-Koch HK MG4: 500 kills
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