Clubhouse Games


  • Bonus designs

    Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding design:

      Aqua: Win 10 card games
      Bamboo: Win Mahjong Solitaire 5 times
      Brick: Win 50 card games
      Cloth: Win 5 card games
      Digital: Win a game 15 times
      Fall: Win Koi-Koi 10 times
      Marble: Win 30 card games
      Mum: Win Mahjong Solitaire 10 times
      Paper: Win a game 10 times
      Plum: Win Mahjong Solitaire 15 times
      Space: Win 40 card games
      Stone: Win a game 5 times
      Summer: Win Koi-Koi 5 times
      Winter: Win Koi-Koi 15 times
      Wood: Win 20 card games

  • Bonus icons

    Successfully complete the indicated mission to unlock the corresponding avatar:

      Smile With Freckles: Mission 25: Bowling
      Ant: Mission 21: Takeover
      Beetle: Mission 19: Koi-Koi
      Cactus: Mission 8: NAP
      Cake: Mission 18: Dominoes
      Carrot: Mission 13: Turncoat
      Cat: Mission 2: Memory
      Cool Shades Smile: Mission 26: Darts
      Dog: Mission 1: I Doubt It
      Duck: Mission 3: Spit
      Female Smile: Mission 27: Darts
      Fire Engine: Mission 11: Checkers
      Glasses Smile: Mission 28: Billiards
      Goldfish: Mission 24: Bowling
      Hot Air Balloon: Mission 12: Turncoat
      Kiwifruit: Mission 14: Hasami Shogi
      Make Up Smile: Mission 30: Mahjong Solitaire
      Meat: Mission 16: Field Tactics
      Penguin: Mission 5: President
      Pineapple: Mission 13: Turncoat
      Pink Flower: Mission 7: Hearts
      Police Car: Mission 10: Chinese Checkers
      Raccoon: Mission 6: Rummy
      Scorpion: Mission 20: Word Balloon
      Sea: Mission 22: Balance
      Seafood: Mission 17: Soda Shake
      Smart Monocle: Mission 29: Billards
      Starfish: Mission 23: Balance
      Tiger: Mission 4: Blackjack
      Toadstool: Mission 9: Spades

  • Free Play mode games

    Successfully complete the indicated level in Stamp mode to unlock the corresponding game in Free Play mode:

      Field Tactics: Successfully complete Level 3 in Stamp mode.
      Ludo: Successfully complete Level 2 in Stamp mode.
      Shogi: Successfully complete Level 4 in Stamp mode.
      Word Balloon: Successfully complete Level 1 in Stamp mode.

  • Normal and Hard Stamp mode

    Successfully complete Stamp mode on the Easy difficulty setting to unlock the Normal and Hard difficulty setting.

  • Alternate menu music

    Successfully complete Mission mode to change the lounge music in the settings menu.

  • Pictochat Stamp button

    Successfully complete Stamp mode on the Normal difficulty setting to unlock a "Stamp" button while using Pictochat.

  • Bonus Pictochat color

    Successfully complete Stamp mode on the Hard difficulty setting to unlock an extra Pictochat color.

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