Code Lyoko



  • Cheat mode

    Go to the 3D game section. Pause the game and press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start to unlock all combos, upgrades, maximum money, health refill, and power rejuvenation.

  • Evil Ulrich

    At the profile selection screen, hold L + R and press Up, Left, Right, Y, X.

  • Web content

    Use the following codes on the game's official website at to view videos and concept art. The codes are obtained during the game by completing the block puzzles in Hacking mode.

      Dark Enemies wallpaper: 9L8Q
      Desert sketch: 6G7T
      Fight video (Ulrich, Yumi, and Scorpion combined): 4M9P
      FMV ending: 5R5K
      Forest sketch: 8C3X
      Ice sketch: 2F6U
      Mountain sketch: 7E5V
      Overbike video: 3Q4L
      Overboard video: 8P3M
      Overwing video: 8N2N
      Scorpion video: 9H8S
      Scorpion wallpaper: 3D4W
      Sector 5 sketch: 5J9R
      Ulrich fight video: 9A9Z
      Yumi fight video: 4B2Y

  • Attack while blocking

    This trick works best with Odd. Make sure you have the Defense upgrade. Block with B until a monster shoots a projectile at you. It will be reflected, but keep holding B. Start shooting, and when you are attacked, it will be blocked as if you had your shield up.

  • Recommended upgrading order

    Try to get the LP upgrade first, then Double Attack, then Double Defense. After that, it is your choice.

  • Defeating monsters

    While playing as any character with the Defense upgrade (except Aellita), it is easy to defeat monsters. When the monsters appear, hold your shield and watch their attack pattern. When the monster you want to hit is going to shoot you, release and press B. When the bullet hits, it will rebound. If the monster does not react, you may need to get closer. Continue doing this until the monsters die. Note: This does not work with any Boss.

  • Defeating the Scorpion

    You will fight the Scorpion three times. It goes Yumi, Odd, then Ulrich. Do about two to three circles of damage until the Scorpion runs away. Run away from the Scorpion. When he gets close, get in front of him. Strike while he is turning. When you do this, he will fall and you can get another few hits on him. When he gets up, run. Repeat this until you defeat him with Ulrich.

  • Defeating XANA Ulrich

    To defeat the Ulrich clone, you must have your sound on. Run around and stay away until you hear the clone shout. He will then be getting ready for a charge attack. This is when you should strike. You can get five hits in before he attacks. Run around until he shouts again. Repeat this until you defeat him.

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