Color Cross


  • Puzzle themes

    Successfully complete the indicated number of puzzles to unlock the corresponding theme:

      Baby: 3 puzzles
      Decoration: 9 puzzles
      Fashion: 15 puzzles
      Horror: 12 puzzles
      Love: 21 puzzles
      Medieval: 6 puzzles
      Pirate: 24 puzzles

  • Profile icons

    Successfully complete all fifteen puzzles in the indicated theme set to unlock the corresponding profile icon:

      Baby: "Baby" themed puzzles
      Decorative: "Decoration" themed puzzles
      Female: "Fashion" themed puzzles
      Horror: "Horror" themed puzzles
      Love-struck: "Love" themed puzzles
      Medieval: "Medieval" themed puzzles
      Pirate: "Pirate" themed puzzles
      Science-fiction: "Science-fiction" themed puzzles

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