Note: This game is also titled Custom Beat Battle: Draglade.

  • Shadow of Darkness bonus quest

    Successfully complete Story mode with all default characters and the "Fire Major", "Aqua Major", "Rock Major", and "Elec Major" titles to unlock the "Shadow Of Darkness" bonus quest at Synethesia.

  • Play as Asuka

    Successfully complete Daichi's Story mode to unlock Asuka.

  • Play as Gyamon

    Successfully complete Guy's Story mode to unlock Gyamon.

  • Play as Koki

    Successfully complete Hibito's Story mode to unlock Koki.

  • Play as Shura

    Successfully complete Kairu's Story mode to unlock Shura.

  • Play as Zeke

    Successfully complete all quests, including the "Shadow Of Darkness" bonus quest, to unlock Zeke in Wi-Fi battles.

  • Major titles

    Successfully complete the indicated Story mode to unlock the corresponding title:

      Earth Major: Earth Hero's Story mode
      Elec Major: Thunder Hero's Story mode
      Fire Major: Fire Hero's Story mode
      Water Major: Water Hero's Story mode

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