Guilty Gear: Dust Strikers


  • Bonus Robo-Ky moves

    Play the indicated mini-game and finish in first, second, or third place. Finishing in first place will unlock all three moves; second place will unlock two moves; and third place will unlock one move.

      Balance Game: "EXE Beast", "Gamma Blade", "Youshijin"
      Hit Down: "Mad Struggle", "Aerial StunEdge", "Love"
      May's Dolphin Show: "Do You Want To Suffer?", "Bargain Of Street Meeting", "Phenomenon EX".
      Note Capture: "Chemical Love", "Invite Hell", "Mappa Hanti".
      Sword Master: "Whatever Is Done, A Fellow No Good Is No Good", "Tyrant Rave Ver. B", "Bellows…"
      Venom's Billiards: "Starship", "Sliding Head", "Single Blow Of The Reform"
      Yo-yo Polish: "Tandem Top", "Axl Bomber", "Potemkin Buster"

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