Izuna 2: The Unemployed Ninja Returns



Note: This game is also titled Gouma Reifu Den Izuna Ni.

  • Bonus dungeons

    Successfully complete the main story line to unlock the following dungeons:

      Girls Only dungeon: Located at the shrine near Himiko.
      Mugen Chasm dungeon: Located where Shizune ran to.
      No Item dungeon: Located at Surei Town. The Gankatsu talisman is required.

  • Bonus characters

    Successfully complete the main story line, then talk to the following bonus characters at the indicated locations:

      Himiko at Kamairi Village
      Hinagiku at Mugen City
      Ichika at Surei Town. You must first unlock the No Item dungeon.
      Suzuri at Kamairi Village

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