Might And Magic: Clash Of Heroes

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ


  • Bonus characters

    Successfully complete the indicated chapter in Story mode to unlock the corresponding character in Multiplayer and Quick Battle modes:

      Cyrus (wizard): Successfully complete Chapter 5 (Nadia). Cyrus is equipped with the Staff Of Explosia, which damages units it lands on and then explodes for more damage three turns later.
      Findan (elf): Successfully complete Chapter 1 (Anwen). Findan is equipped with the Swift Strike, which reduces charge time for all formations to 1.
      Jezebeth (demon): Successfully complete Chapter 4 (Aidan). Jezebeth is equipped with the Wall Crusher, which explodes enemy walls and damage nearby units.
      Markal (undead): Successfully complete Chapter 3 (Fiona). Markal is equipped with the Death March, which instantly charges all Elite and Champion units.
      Varkas (human): Successfully complete Chapter 2 (Godric). Varkas is equipped with Elrath's Sword, which tears through the first two enemy rows.

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