Ping Pals

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ


  • Shantae background

    Touch the Ping Pals logo exactly at midnight (00:00:00) when the chime sounds to unlock Shantae's sexy background in the "Backgrounds" section of the Items Shop. Note: Try setting the system clock fifteen seconds before midnight to give you enough time to prepare to do this.

  • Bonus items

    Enter the Items Shop on various holidays (Christmas, The Fourth Of July, Halloween) or your birthday to find new items to purchase:

      Valentine (Boy) (February 14th): 300 Coins
      Valentine (Girl) (February 14th): 200 Coins
      Vessel Top (February 21st): 700 Coins
      Snowflake (March 17th): 250 Coins
      Succubus (October 31st): 321 Coins
      Bat Treats (October 31st): 400 Coins
      Jack Hat (October 31st): 4000 Coins
      Elf Skirt (December 25th): 300 Coins
      Jolly Suit (December 25th): 300 Coins
      Merry Cap (December 25th): 10 Coins
      Birthday (Boy or Girl) (your birthday): 5 Coins

  • New items

    Change the system date to a different time or date in order to get new items in the shop. This works well for going back to a date that you missed, or forward to a date that you cannot wait for (for example, Christmas).

  • High-Low mini-game

    Always pick "7". The game usually chooses a high number, and the worst you can lose is 5 Coins if it selects "1". Choose "5" and the most you can lose is 2 Coins if the CPU chooses "10". Additionally, when you make a bad guess on High-Low, he will take coins from you. When you make a bad guess, exit the game before he takes the coins. If you do this, he will not take the coins and you can resume where you were earlier.

  • Easy money

    Watch the credits until they end, then wait until they finish again to get 50 Coins.

  • Common money words

    Type one of the following words in a chat room:

    Abundance Decorate Jacket Rich
    Address Detention Job Riches
    Airhead Digital Juicy Sad
    Appointment Dinner Ketchup Scarf
    Backpack Dog Kitty Science
    Bald Dollar Lab Score
    Band Dough Lame Scratch
    Bandage Dribble Laugh Shirt
    Baseball Dude Liberty Shot
    Belt Eat Locker Simple
    Billion Empty Lol Sister
    Black English Loot Skate
    Blonde Failed Lost Skinny
    Bloody Fat Love Sleepy
    Blue Favor Lunch Snack
    Book Film Manual Snow
    Bounce Filthy Mask Soccer
    Boy Fire Math Social
    Brakes Flag Meeting Stapler
    Break Fluff Military Star
    Breakfast Football Mittens Sticky
    Broken Found Mom Stocks
    Brother Freak Money Store
    Brunette Friendly Monkey Summer
    Building Frozen Mug Sunny
    Bunk Galaxy Mustard Supper
    Cafeteria Game Nails Support
    Cake Garlic Nasty Talking
    Camp Geek Neat Teacher
    Candy Girl Nervous Thanks
    Cash Grade Number Thin
    Cat Greasy Nun Tiger
    Cell Green Old Tight
    Chat Grounded Pants Tipsy
    Cheap Gym Paper Tired
    Cheerleader Hair Pencil Treasure
    Cheese Hamburger Phat Trendy
    Chest Happy Phone Trouble
    Chunky Hat Pie Ttyl
    Class Hate Pizza Universe
    Coin Highlights Please Upset
    Cold Historical Poor Video
    Con History Pop Wallet
    Cookies Holidays Popcorn Wannabe
    Cool Homework Portrait Water
    Country Hot Postal White
    Coupon Hotdog Professor Winter
    Crowded Huge Puppy Wireless
    Cry Hungry Purse Words
    Cute Ice Rain Working
    Cya Image Recess World
    Dad Introduce Red Yellow
    Dance Invent Relish Young

  • Uncommon money words

    Type one of the following words in a chat room:

    Abs Eggplant Makeup Sasquatch
    Acne Election Married Satisfaction
    Advertising Email Massage Scrutinize
    Afternoon Engagement Master Seesaw
    Allergy Enjoy Maximum Selfish
    Alligator Envelope Meaningful Seven
    Amazing Equestrian Medication Sharp
    Answer Evaluate Mediocre Shoot
    Apes Evil Message Shot
    Argument Excitement Messenger Sidekick
    Arteries Exclusive Mister Silver
    Asparagus Explore Mohawk Single
    Assistant Faith Molasses Skirt
    Attack Famous Mullet Slash
    Average Fanatic Mysterious Snowflakes
    Baboon Fatal Natural Soap
    Bar Faucet Neice Soothsayer
    Basket Fauna Ninja Spider
    Beauty Femur Northern Spin
    Behavior Finish Notes Spirit
    Beverage Flake Novice Spit
    Bikini Focus Obsessed Spoiled
    Bloom Foreign Oily Suddenly
    Blouse Forget Opera Squid
    Boil Frankly Outgoing States
    Botanical Fungus Outrageous Stranded
    Brat Gardening Oy Sugar
    Brilliant Geek Packages Swing
    Broad Gift Panic Tasty
    Bronze Giggle Pantyhose Tease
    Buff Giver Paprika Tech
    Busy Goblin Paradise Thesaurus
    Butcher Gold Parents Thing
    Cabinets Gothic Passive Ticklish
    Carbonate Gregarious Pawn Timing
    Castaway Grenade Peanut Toilet
    Chance Gross Personal Toothpaste
    Cheat Grotesque Persuade Toxic
    Chocolate Gullible Pie Tradition
    Clarity Gum Pigeon Trampoline
    Clone Handle Pillowcase Tranquil
    Clutter Heartfelt Pilot Trapped
    Code Herd Pimple Traveling
    Collection Hiccup Pineapple Trek
    Commercials Hidden Pirate Trunk
    Communicate High Pixie Turnover
    Conform Hook Plush Turtle
    Consequences Hug Pomegranate United
    Contract Huge Ponder Universe
    Contribute Hummingbird Possibly Upstage
    Corporation Hunk Potter Uranium
    Creature Infatuated Pray Vague
    Criminal Inspection Precious Vampire
    Crossbow Insurance Predator Vaudeville
    Crunchy Jail President Vegetarian
    Cruise Joker Princess Velvet
    Crustacean Judge Promise Void
    Cucumber Kangaroo Property Vote
    Dandruff Kissed Provoke Wee
    Delicious Lavender Pumpkin Weep
    Directions Leader Putter Weight
    Disaster Lick Queen Western
    Discover Lighthearted Radical Whale
    Dragon Like Rash Whirlwind
    Drama Liver Religion Wisdom
    Drifting Loaf Request Worry
    Drive Loose Restrain Yeti
    Dubious Lover Restroom Zipper
    Eclipse Mackerel Rings Zone
    Ecology Magazine Romantic
    Edgy Saliva

  • Rare money words

    Type one of the following words in a chat room:

    Atheist Incognito
    Aquarium Kingdom
    Awesome Lichen
    Barnacle Link
    Batteries Liposuction
    Behemoth Magnificent
    Berserk Masculinity
    Bifocals Meteorite
    Bizarre Mongrel
    Blam Mushroom
    Blimp Nuggets
    Bonus Nutritional
    Boss Oddball
    Braces Paranormal
    Camel Particular
    Capybara Pastry
    Carbon Pasty
    Catapult Peppercorn
    Cavity Platypus
    Chronological Plumber
    Cinnamon Poker
    Cleaver Professional
    Combo Protect
    Commando Python
    Complementary Quantum
    Consume Rhapsody
    Cornrows Saber
    Crochet Scandalous
    Cur Shabby
    Dingy Sleuth
    Egghead Snob
    Ego Sonic
    Encyclopedia Stud
    Enemy Stuff
    Enigma Stupendous
    Enterprise Surgery
    Fantasy Sushi
    Femininity Tapestry
    Fiber Taxes
    Florescent TP
    Flounder Trinket
    Freckle Velocity
    Gargoyle Vigilant
    Ginger Vomit
    Glamorous Wait
    God Warp
    Gracious Waste
    Granny Wayforward
    Hangnail Wham
    Hardcore Wigwam
    Hopeful Wizard
    Hunchback Xylophone

  • Ultra Rare money words

    Type one of the following words in a chat room:


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