Race Driver: Create And Race


  • Cheat mode

    Select the "Extras" option, choose the "Cheat Codes" selection, then enter one of the following codes to active the corresponding cheat function:

      All challenges

      Enter "942785" as a code to unlock all challenges.

      All championships

      Enter "761492" as a code to unlock all championships.

      All rewards

      Enter "112337" as a code to unlock all rewards.

      No damage

      Enter "505303" as a code.

      Easy steering

      Enter "611334" as a code.

      Free drive

      Enter "171923" as a code. This code enables you to drive on any surface without losing grip.

      Miniature cars

      Enter "374288" as a code.

      MM view

      Enter "467348" as a code.

  • Pro Tour mode

    Get a 100% completion in World Tour mode to unlock Pro Tour mode.

  • Extra track designer parts

    Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding part for purchase in the Rewards Shop:

      Street Style: Successfully complete Tier 13.
      Track Pieces 9-32: Purchase "Street Style" from the Rewards Shop.

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