Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey


  • Passwords

    Enter one of the following case-sensitive and format-sensitive passwords to get the corresponding demon:

    CabracanSukunda, MediarahanTRUSTIN SCALY
    ------- -----
    Demonica-CGun, WatchfulSpecial Password
    Demonica-LGun, WatchfulSpecial Password
    Demonica-NGun, WatchfulSpecial Password
    Hare of InabaKamikazeX-X!Hoi
    HeqetA toasty frog
    Jack FrostDesperate Hit, BreathYou can't laugh OR cry now!
    Jirae BagabooSpecial Password
    Koppa TenguBufu, ZioLeft hand freeze
    Right hand shock
    Megami IshtarAmrita, Silent Prayer, InvitationICARUS FIGHTS
    MothmanGaru, Magaru, Dream NeedleProphecy of wind
    OniResist Fire, Resist Ice, Resist Elec, Resist WindThick red skin
    PixieLevel 1Madoka Ueno
    PromethiusLevel 57Yu Namba
    SilkyBufula, Glacial Blast, Diarama, Media, Shooting SpreeSoothing ice
    TitaniaAgidyne, Bufudyne, and Ziodyne, Megidolaonsummon smt.queen
    YatagarasuLevel 59HELP ME

  • New Game+ mode

    Successfully complete the game. You can start a second playthrough with your previously earned items: Macca, consumable items, equipment, Base and Assist Forma, Demon Compendium (except for password unlocked content), Demon Fusions, and completed "Records" achievements and progress. Also, you will now have twelve demon storage slots at the start.

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