The Sims 2: Pets


  • Free item

    When treating a pet that has swallowed something, you can extract the item from the belly to get a free item. The next day when the owner comes to pick up the pet you get will get money and an item.

  • Cheap food

    In the beginning you can only cook eggs. Just stick with it -- making harder food costs more items and is just as effective.

  • Pet in inventory

    Open the cage that your pet is in, tap him, then select "Put in inventory".

  • Treating more pets

    If you treat Hilary Duff's pet well you will get more people to come over to you to treat their pets.

  • Sicknesses

      Broken leg
      Length: 5 days
      Cure: Put bandage on and let him or her rest a lot

      Length: 3 days
      Cure: Wash him or her with an anti-flea shampoo

      Length: 3 days
      Cure: Flu medicine for three days every day one time

      Item swallowed
      Length: Unknown; as long as it takes for you to extract it
      Cure: Buy an Extractor and extract the item from the pet's belly

      Length: Unknown; as long as it takes for you to make the pet beautiful
      Cure: Comb his or her hair and put some clothes on

      Length: 3 days.
      Cure: Feed him or her anti-worm food

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