• Easy Mesa

    After you complete the game, go to Nessa (Saturn) Area 3 and search the area with the Gejio Spectrobe. Gejio has a search area of 7 and can only find minerals. If you search long enough, you will find a mineral called Gold. This mineral is the most valuable in the game and can be sold for 100,000 Mesa.

    Once you find the cube that lets you use the WiFi connection, go to the WiFi machine. Then, go to Nintendo WFC download on Fridays to get DL points; you can get ten each Friday. Use the DL points to get two minerals on your bottom screen. It will be a sapphire and pearl. Next, go to the fourth planet, Area 1. Go the place with a group of people. Then, turn left and then keep going; then go up, then downstairs. Talk to the person near the wall. He will buy the minerals and give you lots of money. Then, change the system date on your Nintendo DS to the next Friday to get more DL points. Repeat this process as many times as desired.

  • Easy minerals

    Go to the planet where you found Aldous/Mr.X. Get out of the ship and go forward until you get down the earth stairs. Then, go straight down and use your Child Spectrobe to scan the ground in the first corner. You will find four mineral spots; get them both. Next, go between two piles of rubble in the same place and there are four mineral spots again. Stay in this map, and do not go into the mountain area as a lot of valuable mineral are here.

    You can get unlimited minerals by searching anywhere and then going out of that area and coming back and repeating the process.

    Instead of checking random places on the ground for minerals, check in corners of walls and near rocks.

    Go to the first planet in the solar system. Go to Area 2, and search the entire place for minerals. Once done, you should get about 50 minerals. All will be rank "A" or "A+", or will be +30 to stats type minerals. Sometimes you will uncover a Ruby or Sapphire. The Ruby gives +50 to all stats. The Sapphire gives + 24 to all stats.

  • Finding rare minerals

    Rare minerals can be found on Nessa (Saturn) Area 3. You can go to different planet areas by rotating. To do this, slide the stylus across the screen. Minerals include Jade, Platinum, etc. Try looking in ruins.

  • Color changing minerals

    After you complete the game, you can find special minerals called Chromas. There are three types of Chromas. Chroma 1 changes your Spectrobe's color back to it original color. Chroma 2 changes your Spectrobe's color to its first custom color. Chroma 3 changes your Spectrobe's color to its second custom color.

  • Super minerals

    Once you are able to use the WiFi download system on you ship, you will have the option to download special minerals. When you download these special minerals, they can then be found in the game just like normal minerals. Some of these minerals are Uranium, Titanium, and Chrome. These "special" minerals have super properties. For example, Uranium maximizes the attack attribute while lowering the defense and health attributes by 16 points. Titanium maximizes defence and Chrome maximizes health.

  • Evolving Spectrobes

    Leave a Sepctrobe in the Incubator for awhile. You will begin to see blue dots flying over it. Tap on it to evolve it.

    To shorten the time it takes to make a Spectrobe evolve, put it in the Incubator and pet it with your stylus.

    If you do not want to wait the amount of time needed for a Spectrobe to evolve, put the Spectrobe in the incubator, save the game, then turn the Nintendo DS off. Turn it back on and chose "Settings" at DS system main menu, then change the time forwards however long is needed. Resume the game, evolve the creature, and take it out of incubator. You can then set the time back to the correct value if desired.

  • Special Spectrobes

    If you dig up a fossil without causing the failure bar to fill up at all, the Spectrobe will have 80% Minergy and a custom part.

  • Giant child Spectrobe

    There is a Spectrobe named Gejio found on the ice moon Himuro. When he is "reborn" from his fossil, there is a 90% chance of him being bigger than Rallen. The other 10% chance is he will turn out regular size like normal child Spectrobes. It is actually rarer to get a small Gejio.

  • Healing items

    On the Planet Kollin, go to the left (west) and you will find another ship. Talk to the person in the doorway of the ship and he will sell you healing items such as a Basic Serum, Antidote, etc.

  • Card codes

    Once you get to wander around on the planet Kollin, go to the docking ramp of your ship. Then, go down until you can make a right turn. You should now be in some sort of garden. In the middle of this garden is a large tree. Use your Search Spectrobe to scan under the tree. You should find a rainbow sparkle. This is a cube that you can take to Aldous (the man on your ship) that will enable the card input system. You can use the cards you got with your game and also the following. For example, 2134 DAL = Aobasar Apex. Tap the code in the order as shown. First tap #2, #1, #3, #4, then do the letters in the order they appear. Note: You can only enter each code four times before it stops working.


    Aobasar Apex2134 DAL
    Danaphant Tuska1243 AHE
    Danilob4123 CHK
    Emerald Mineral2134 BGJ
    Grilden Biblad1243 BED
    Grildragos Drafly3412 IDG
    Gristar2134 AFJ
    Hammer Geo (must complete game)1243 AHD
    Ice Geo (must complete game)3412 DAG
    Inkalade1243 CHL
    Iota Cube1243 KDA
    Komainu3412 DIF
    Naglub1243 AFI
    Rho Cube2134 LJE
    Ruby Mineral3412 BGK
    Samukabu1243 KHE
    Samurite Voltar2134 HDI
    Sapphire Mineral1243 BFK
    Seguslice3412 CGL
    Shakor Bristle4123 IHG
    Spiko2143 DEI
    Vilagrisp4123 AEJ
    Vilakroma3412 HFE
    Vilakroma (Red)2134 JHI
    Vilakroma (Gold)4123 ACL
    Windora1243 ICL
    Windora (Green)3412 FLI
    Windora Ortex1243 ILD
    Windora Sordina2134 IKD
    Windora Sordina (Green)1243 HAJ

    Note: If you need help on where to tap, use the following guide:

      A: The end of the upper left arrow.
      B: The second from the top left.
      C: The second from the top right.
      D: The end of the upper right.
      E: Under the "A" one space.
      F: Under the "B" one space.
      G: Under the "C" one space.
      H: Under the "D" one space.
      I: Under the "E" one space.
      J: Under the "F" one space.
      K: Under the "G" one space.
      L: Under the "H" one space.

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