Ultimate Mortal Kombat



  • Kombat Kodes

    Select a two player game. At the Vs. screen, player one must press B, R, and A (or Low Punch, Block, Low Kick) to select the first three characters of the Kode, and player two uses the same buttons on a second DS for the last three characters. Enter a valid Kode before the Vs. screen fades. Pressing a button will cycle the specific character to which it is assigned.

    Belltower stage 091 190
    Bridge stage 077 022
    Graveyard stage 666 333
    Jade's Desert stage 330 033
    Kahn's Kave stage 004 700
    Kahn's Tower stage 880 220
    Kombat Temple stage 600 040
    Noob Saibot Dorfen stage 050 050
    Pit 3 stage 820 028
    Rooftops stage 343 343
    Scislac Busorez stage 933 933
    Scorpions Lair stage 666 444
    Soul Chamber stage 123 901
    Street stage 079 035
    Subway stage 880 088
    Waterfront stage 002 003
    Infinite Run 466 466
    Unikoriv Referri: Sans Power (one hit KO)044 440
    Throwing Disabled 100 100
    Throwing Encouraged 010 010
    Silent Kombat 300 300

  • Ulimate Kombat Kodes

    At the "Ultimate Kombat Kode" screen, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. The numbers indicate the number of times you need to tap an icon in a particular position to change it. Note: The Ultimate Kombat Kode screen becomes unlocked after you choose not to continue after a defeat.

    Play as Classic Sub-Zero81835
    Play as Ermac12344
    Play as Mileena22264

  • Play as Human Smoke

    At the character selection screen, select Robo Smoke. Immediately before the battle begins, hold Block + Run + High Punch + High Kick + Back.

  • Puzzle Kombat characters

    Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding characters:

      Bo Rai Cho: Score over 17,600 points.
      Jade : Successfully complete Puzzle Kombat without continuing.
      Kabal : Use the Super Move three times in a round to break chains.
      Mileena : Win a round in less than one minute.
      Raiden : Setup a five link combo.

  • Human Smoke's moves

    Note: Human Smoke does not have an Animality or second fatality.

      Spear: Press Away(2), Low Punch.
      Teleport: Press Down, Away, High Punch (can be done in air).
      Air Throw: Press Block (in air).
      Fatality: Press Run, Block, Run(2), Low Kick (close).
      Pit: Press Forward, Up(2), Low Punch (close).
      Babality: Press Down, Away(2), Forward, High Punch.

  • Sub-Zero's special move

    Quickly press Down, Away, B to make a frozen copy of yourself. If your opponent walks into it or touches it, they will freeze. Note: This move does not work with the unlockable Classic Sub-Zero.

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