Yoshi's Island DS

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ



  • Extra levels

    Get 100 points in each of the eight stages (except the secret stages) in the indicated World (800 total points) to unlock the corresponding Extra level. To do this, you must collect 20 Red Coins, 5 Flowers, and 30 Stars.

      Extra 1: Get 800 points in World 1
      Extra 2: Get 800 points in World 2
      Extra 3: Get 800 points in World 3
      Extra 4: Get 800 points in World 4
      Extra 5: Get 800 points in World 5

  • Bonus characters

    Reach the indicated world to unlock the corresponding character to ride on Yoshi. Note: Baby Wario and Baby Bowser will not always remain with Yoshi, but Baby Peach and Baby DK will.

      Baby Bowser: World 4-5
      Baby Donkey Kong: World 2-1
      Baby Peach: World 1-5
      Baby Wario: World 3-5

  • Coin bonuses

    Collect all of the coins with a baby's face hidden in each of the following Worlds to unlock the advanced version of the corresponding mini-game:

      Hard Bouncy Maze: World 3
      Hard Egg Toss: World 5
      Hard Flutter Challenge: World 2
      Hard Speed Eating: World 4
      Hard Tulip Shooter: World 1

  • Time Trial mode

    Successfully complete the game to unlock Time Trial mode. Enter the "File" menu and select your completed game file, which will have a star icon and "Clear!" on it. "Time Trial" will appear in the bottom right corner where the question mark used to be. Time Trial mode features five extra levels (one for each world) and the ability to play as a black Yoshi.

  • Rotating arrow

    You can swallow the rotating arrow in any stage it appears in.

  • In-game reset

    While playing the game, press L + R + Start + Select.

  • Feet remains still when flutter jumping

    Make Yoshi do the flutter jump. Just when he is doing the flutter jump, press X (or R if you switched the controls) to make Yoshi aim his eggs. Notice that his feet stay still when they are actually meant to kick around while he is flutter jumping.

  • Enemy is Yoshi's mouth

    Get DK if you do not already have him. Swallow an enemy, then climb on a vine and reach out. You should still have the enemy in Yoshi's mouth; however, it is not. When you drop down, notice the enemy is back in Yoshi's mouth.

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