Lost In Space

  • Hidden trailers

    Enter the "Cast And Crew" screen and select Mimi Rogers to access a trailer for Austin Powers. Select William Hurt to access a trailer for Dark City.

  • JVC digital video camera commercial

    At the main menu, highlight the "New Line" logo and press Enter to display the credits screen. Then, choose the "JVC Digital Cameras" selection.

  • Blooper feature

    Enter the "Features" screen from the main menu and select the "Your Mission" option. A quiz will appear featuring questions based on facts found in other areas of the disc. The answers to the quiz are:

      Part 1: C, B, C, B
      Part 2: B, A, C, D
      Part 3: 1965, 1966, 1966, 1980
      Part 4: 15, 1997, 4, 1992

    Successfully complete the quiz to unlock a blooper feature.

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