WWE/nWo: Back In Black

  • Hidden trailers

    At the main menu, select either "Extra" option. Highlight the "Next/Back" or "Resume" icons and press Right to see various WWE/nWo trailersor a WCW interview.

  • Hidden vignettes

    At the main menu, select the "Breakdown" option. The screen will say "bReakdown paGe 1" with the chapters you can select. Select either chapter 14 or 15 (both are not on the screen) to see two hidden Titantron-like vignettes. Once you have viewed these, select "Page 2". Then, select 14 or 15 again (also not on the screen). Chapter 14 is another vignette, while 15 is an original New World Order (nWo) commercial from 1996.

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