Wild Wild West

  • Featured scenes

    Go to the following Title and Chapters to view the corresponding featured scenes that are normally only accessible when the disc is used in a DVD-ROM drive in a PC:

    SceneDisc index
    Will Smith and the Mallet stuntTitle 20, Chapter 1
    Barry and Will play fightTitle 21, Chapter 1
    Actors playing around on the setTitle 22, Chapter 1
    Kevin Kline becomes GrantTitle 23, Chapter 1
    Painting in the live picturesTitle 24, Chapter 1
    Elaborate setsTitle 25, Chapter 1
    Magnet collars and flying blade sceneTitle 26, Chapter 1
    Will Smith's horse stuntTitle 27, Chapter 1
    The Tarantula and CGITitle 28, Chapter 1
    The Bike-Plane, CGI, and concept artTitle 29, Chapter 1

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