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E3 2008 - SONY: Company Tour and Updates article

Hoping to do it later that evening, we didn't check out any of the shooters in the room. They had everything, from Resistance (for PS3 and PSP) to Killzone 2, SOCOM U.S. Navy SEALS Confrontation, etc. Check out our existing previews and keep an eye on upcoming ones, where we tell you all about these games. See? That's why I wanted E3 to last one more day!

E3 2008 - SONY


Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty was another one of Sony's surprises. Luckily, we did get plenty of hands-on time with this one and were pleased with the results. The game will only have about five to six hours of play time, but they'll be as deep and authentic as any of the previous Ratchet & Clank titles. Awesome platforming elements, some puzzles, new enemies, and more combat later on will most likely make this one a best-seller on the PS Network.

E3 2008 - SONY

Last but not least, we hanged out with the producers of LittleBigPlanet. That game is a whole new world! We can't begin to tell you how many things it has to offer. Players will be able to create their own environments and platforming levels from scratch, choosing from a multitude of items, colors, textures, etc. Best of all, the online features will allow everyone to upload their own levels, challenge friends, download other user-created stages, and much more. Our previews tell you all about it, and there's more to come!

E3 2008 - SONY

All in all, we were amazed by how much good content is coming to Sony's consoles in the upcoming months / year. We'll be eagerly waiting for titles like LittleBigPlanet, LocoRoco 2, Resistance 2, and many more, which will hopefully revolutionize the world of gaming.

By Maria Montoro
CCC Site Director

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