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CCC @ E3 2008
Ubisoft Press Conference

E3 2008 - Ubisoft Keynote Presentation

July 15, 2008 (Los Angeles, CA) - Laurent Detoc, North American president for Ubisoft, addressed the crowd of reporters and other geeks on Tuesday, July 15 at E3 2008. Through his thick yet refined French accent it became clear he was very excited about his company's upcoming lineup. Sure enough, Ubisoft's future is indeed looking rosy.


Things got started off on an amusing foot. Detoc took to the floor (and the skies) with Rayman Raving Rabbids: TV Party (RRR: TV Party). Monsieur Detoc expertly piloted his yak down the slope with a giddy smile, stating, "This is really good!" RRR:TV Party looks to have very solid controls, as the Balance Board seems to be super user-friendly and responsive. For Ubisoft, "it's like having an entirely new machine" to work with; the company has big plans for both RRR:TV Party and the Balance Board.

E3 2008 - Ubisoft Press Conference

Next up is Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway. An old trailer was shown (not particularly exciting). Nevertheless, the game looks very complete. However, I wouldn't be surprised if this one foundered compared to other Ubi titles coming out. The game should release on September 15 for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

E3 2008 - Ubisoft Press Conference

Monsieur Detoc then spoke about the Tom Clancy IP and how the company acquired the rights to all media forms. Additionally, strategic cinematic acquisitions have been made to help them grow as a company. The Tom Clancy franchise is Ubisoft's most important property and they plan on using it to its full potential. In fact, this marks the franchise's first decade of gaming. As such, games like End War (being made in Shanghai and the first game to be controlled with your voice) and H.A.W.X. should drive the brand into the next 10 years. These games will be available for holiday 2008 on the 360 and PS3, while H.A.W.X. will also arrive on the Wii.

E3 2008 - Ubisoft Press Conference

Up next, is the beautiful Farcry 2. Detoc describes the game as "FPS 2.0." First, we are treated to an engaging trailer featuring chilling scenes from the African savannah. Then the developers, Clint Hocking and Jonathan Morin, the game's creative director and level designer respectively, hop onto the stage and give us a live demonstration. The game encompasses 50 sq. km. of Africa and will allow for multiple playing styles. During the live demo, they tried to simply go stealth. Unfortunately, the A.I. was having none of it, and they were forced play a bit more aggressively. The mapping system looks really cool; there are multiple map zooms including, 50 km, 1 km, and immediate detail maps. Players can use binoculars to mark key sites on the map to make them even more detailed. Look for it on the 360, PS3, or PC.

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