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E3 2009 - Square Enix: Company Tour and Updates


While Square Enix came to E3 and made one of the biggest announcements of the show at Sony's press conference about Final Fantasy XIV, their booth at E3 was a little less shocking. There were several games demoed at Square Enix's booth, none of which were Final Fantasy XIII


However, two of the games did bear the Final Fantasy moniker: Dissidia Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers. Dissidia Final Fantasy is the much anticipated Final Fantasy brawler for the PSP, which allows you to take classic characters from the Final Fantasy universe and duke it out! Of course, I had to play as Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII, and beating the tar out of Cecil from Final Fantasy IV was extremely satisfying, and the interactive elements of the different stages as well as the complex battle system really make this brawler feel unique.

E3 2009 - Square Enix

The next title we got our hands on, however, felt very conventional. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days is the Nintendo DS exclusive title that follows the continuing adventures of Roxas in the Kingdom Hearts universe. The game's setup is very close to that of the original Kingdom Hearts, and as a fan of the original, it was easy to jump right into the gameplay.

Although there were minimal lines at both Dissidia Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers definitely won the award for the longest line when we stopped by. The Crystal Bearers is the newest Wii title for the franchise, but instead of building a kingdom or going on long co-op missions, The Crystal Bearers seems to be all about action. While we didn't get any hands on time with this title, we watched as another player flew through the air and avoided obstacles using a guided shooting mechanism. We only got a brief glance at the game, but so far it looks pretty cool.

E3 2009 - Square Enix

In addition to these titles, Square Enix was also showing off Order of War, which is their joint venture with Wargaming.net. This title is set in World War II and is quite a departure from Square Enix's normal fare. Although we didn't get a chance to really check this one out, it was on the show floor inside Square Enix's booth.

Square Enix's booth didn't really have many surprises, but what we did see looks fairly good. Both Dissidia Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days are slated for release later this year, while release windows for The Crystal Bearers and Order of War are still unknown

By Amanda L. Kondolojy
CCC Staff Contributor

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