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E3 2010 SONY Press Event

E3 2010 SONY Press Event


June 15, 2010 - As we've seen many times before, Sony starts strong showing a quick glimpse of their upcoming games in a video collage that'll make many of you just crave what's to come.

Jack Tretton, President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment of America, walks into the Shrine Auditorium's stage one more year to give us the lowdown of what Sony has to offer. He starts off by reaffirming the lifespan of their greatest console yet, the PS3. He also comments on the history of their devices and how capable their systems are.

Kazuo Hirai, Global President of Sony Computer Entertainment, takes on the stage to talk about their upcoming 3D experience. He mentions their Sony 3D Bravia HDTV screens sold everywhere, but he also says all current PS3s are already 3D-ready, and with them, downloadable titles like WipEout HD, Pain, etc.

Finally, he proceeds to announce something we knew and were excited about, Killzone 3. A demo shows us two different sections of the single-player campaign, putting you in the middle of a very realistic sci-fi war, 3D included! The game is in the pre-alpha stage of development, yet we can already appreciate how amazing it's going to be. Blood splatters on the screen and missiles flying straight towards you are just some of the effects that make the experience even more intense, not to mention the quality first-person view that gets you right into the action. Killzone 3 won't only be 3D compatible, but it'll also be playable with PlayStation Move. The release is scheduled for February of 2011.

Other games coming out in 3D are MotorStorm Apocalypse and The Sly Collection, but the one we all knew about and can't wait to get our hands on is Gran Turismo 5. Other third party titles will include Crysis 2, Mortal Kombat, Shaun White Skateboarding, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, Tron Evolution, and NBA 2K11. Games with both Move and 3D support are The Fight: Lights Out, EyePets, Tumble, and MLB: The Show. A video shows us, in 3D, a rehash of all these titles, as well as the upcoming hardware, which includes a slick pair of 3D glasses.


Once again, there's an honorary mention of the PlayStation 2 and its tremendous sales and stats of worldwide gamers. Then, it comes to the PlayStation 3 and its new features, including PlayStation Move, which aims to add realism to gaming. With the aid of the PS Eye Camera, the new motion controls are able to track a player's movement like no other, with 1:1 precision. The versatility of Move's design, which, by the way, includes buttons, will allow for a great variety of games for the PS3.

Sorcery, a third party action/adventure game is announced. This sleek-looking game features a young sorcerer who bears a powerful magic wand. The demo shows how the player controls the wand with the Move controller, demonstrating very accurate response. The subcontroller (Navigation Controller) in the other hand controls the character itself. While the controls are clearly mimicking the Wii's control style, the accuracy it shows is undeniable.

Another title they wanted to show is Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11. Once again, Move proves a worthwhile experience, and one that should be lots of fun. PlayStation Move will ship in the fall.

Another Move title they want to announce is Heroes on the Move, a platformer featuring many of Sony's flagship characters, including Ratchet, Clank, Jak, Sly Cooper, Bentley, and Daxter. Neat!

Here's some info we were waiting to hear: Move will release in Europe on September 15, North America on September 19, and Japan October 21st. The PS Move controller will cost $49.99. The Navigation Controller will cost $29.99. A bundle will also be available, including Sports Champions, the Move controller, and the Eye Toy Camera. Finally, a PS3 bundle will include all of that plus a slim PS3 for $399. The software line-up will have 15-20 titles for launch for $39.99 each, and more than 40 games for the holidays. Other Move-compatible upcoming games are Time Crisis, SOCOM 4, NBA 2K11, R.U.S.E., Killzone 3, Singstar Dance, Echochrome 2, EyePet, and more. In addition, Heavy Rain, Resident Evil Gold Edition, Toy Story 3, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11, and other current titles will have software updates to support Move.

After a couple of cool commercials for the PSP, Sony informs us of their intentions to push for a more aggressive campaign to promote their handheld. Games coming to the PSP are inviZimals (with camera support), God of War: Ghost of Sparta, Tron Evolution, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, Toy Story 3, Ace Combat: Joint Assault, UFC Unleashed 2010. In total, there'll be more than 70 new titles for PSP coming out by December 2010.

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