What's the Real Deal with Thrill Kill?

By: E.M. Vazquez

If your into games, especially Fighting games, then you may have heard of a Fighter developed by Paradox Soft- ware called: "Thrill Kill". You may have also heard that originally the game was to be distributed by Virgin until EA brought the rights, then within a week of it's release EA shocked the gaming world by announcing that "Thrill Kill" would not be released (at least here in the States) cause EA felt that the game was "too disturbing and violent" for the general public. More violent than the "Mortal Kombat" games? Bloodier than DOOM & Duke Nukem? Can it be? Actually...No, I don't think so. If anything, "Thrill Kill" is as violent and bloody as the aforementioned games, but not more so in my small, but humble opinion. What is "Thrill Kill" all about? Okay, here it is in a nutshell:

The game takes place within the confines of a Asylum, in which four fighter's are place into one arena (one of the many rooms located within the Asylum). Here's the interesting part, there is no "Life Bar" as there are in other fighter's like "Tekken" or "Street Fighter", in it's place is a "Kill Bar". When you begin a game, each character's "Kill Bar" is empty. To fill your "Kill Bar" you must inflict as much damage and pain to your other opponents as possible. The more damage and pain you cause, the sooner your "Kill Bar" fills up. Once filled to capacity the character's whose "Kill Bar" filled first is given the unholy power to "kill" one of the other character's in the arena. They'll try to run but once there caught your taken to a quick cinema of the "Thrill Kill" (each character has a total of 5 "Thrill Kills" that they can perform, the sequence for the "kill" must be imputed as your character "charges" up).

Are the kills in "TK" that graphic? Not anymore than the ones found in any "Mortal Kombat" game. If any thing, some of the moves that the characters perform are pretty outrageous. For example, BELLADONNA has a move called the "Crotch Crunch" in which she grabs her opponent by the head and places it between her legs, after releasing an suggestive sigh, she does a split and slams their head into the ground. This one has to be seen to be believed. Another character, TORMENTOR, has a move called the "Nutcracker". In this move, TORMENTOR whips his chain around and "lasso's" you around the crotch area and pulls...extremely hard!

"Thrill Kill" may not be THE best fighter ever made (Did somebody say, "TEKKEN"?) but it is extremely fun to play (especially if you or a friend own a Multi-tap, four of you can have an all-out bloodfest!) and addictive. Beating the game on your own is another story, cause in ARCADE mode, it's you against three other CPU controlled opponents! The CPU will try to double - even triple - team you a couple of times during the match! The only way this game could've been better is if it was "Link-Cable" adaptable and the arena's where bigger, but as it stands now, "Thrill Kill" is a very good fighter but it strong point is it's four-player mode. Hopefully, EA will either change their minds and release the game here aboard, or sell the distribution rights to some company who will. If you can't wait to play "Thrill Kill" may I suggest that you search high and low for a copy of the import. Or you can sit down and write EA and tell them that you want "Thrill Kill". And you want it now!

Rating if game comes out (On a Scale of 1-10)
Graphics: 8.0
Controls: 7.0
Sound: 8.0
Replay Value: 9.0
Overall: 8.5

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