Best Graphics Winner 2010

Heavy Rain has been a long time coming. Concept footage has been shown since before the release of the PS3. Gamers have had a long wait for the spiritual successor to Indigo Prophecy, and with a deep, branching story with an unforgettable cast of characters, it seems the wait has paid off.

Heavy Rain was a visually stunning title. There are few games available that can convey the depth of emotion as the graphics in Heavy Rain. The crisp visuals and detailed character models ensured that we not only felt the character's pain, we saw it as well.

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Red Dead Redemption Box Art

Red Dead Redemption's visuals stood out not only because of their technical proficiency, but also because of their style. It is a difficult thing to create the world of the west, but the folks at Rockstar really nailed it with Red Dead Redemption. And even though the Undead Nightmare expansion took a bit of a macabre twist with the visuals, the game still retained its signature look.

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