Best Male Character Winner 2011

Everybody loves Nathan Drake. He may be in the same profession as the sex symbol Laura Croft and the brilliant professor Indiana Jones, but he manages to somehow seem a little more like the everyman than the others. Drake has flaws, feels pain, and makes wisecracks all the way to the treasure.

Of course, getting to see him as a child in Uncharted 3 gave us some incredible insight into his background, and only made us love him that much more. Our hats are off to Naughty Dog for giving us such a well fleshed out character.

Best Male Character

Stephen Merchant just nailed the role of the always loveable Wheatley. He may not have been the nicest A.I. we've ever met, but even when he was being evil we couldn't help but love him. It takes a lot to match the incredible performance of Ellen McLain as GLaDOS, but Merchant managed to give her a run for her money with Wheatley.

The Other Nominees:
Marcus Fenix
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