PilotWings Resort
PilotWings Resort  box art
Systems: 3DS
Expected Release Date: TBA 2011

Ever since its release in 1996, fans of PilotWings have been clamoring for a sequel. It seems that wish will finally be granted with the release of PilotWings Resort sometime later this year. Set on Wuhu Island as was Wii Sports Resort before it, players will be able to soar using aircraft from it various previous iterations. Hang glider? Check. Bi-plane? Check. Rocket belt? Indeed.

Also returning are the various challenges tied to each of the unique aircraft. The experience should satisfy both players that are unfamiliar with the series and avid fans. Really, though, if you get to wear the birdman suit and perch at the highest peak of Wuhu Island, it's worth it, right? Check out the full preview here!

Resident Evil Revelations
Resident Evil Revelations box art
Systems: 3DS
Expected Release Date : TBA 2011

Capcom is also supporting the 3DS with some traditional, original Resident Evil content in the form of Revelations. The return to a traditional Resident Evil experience on a Nintendo console will be welcome by the series fans that have stuck with Nintendo primarily as this will be the first such entry since Resident Evil 4. The ability to render 3D visuals has also given the team behind the game's development the drive to focus on the kind of survival horror that harkens back to the gameplay seen on the first few installments on the 32-bit PlayStation.

In the preview build, players controlled Jill as she navigated the corridors of an abandoned ship. There have been some worries over how this might control but these are quickly allayed, as it's fairly straightforward: use the analog stick/pad to move, press b to run, use the cross pad to aim, and press y to fire. The run-and-gun pace of the latest Resident Evil games has been replaced by a decidedly old-school crawl reminiscent of the older titles, which should terrify to the liking of old-school fans.