Brink box art
Systems: Xbox 360, PS3, PC
Expected Release Date : Spring 2011

Bethesda Softworks and developer Splash Damage are set to release Brink, a new and intriguing first-person shooter, early this spring. The game takes place in the year 2044 on a gigantic floating city named Ark, and players must choose a side in a war between two factions: Security and Resistance. This means two different campaigns, which can be played either solo or co-op, and players can drop in or out whenever they please. During gameplay, experience is earned and used to purchase upgrades, modifications, or other custom options for your character, which will carry over into the multiplayer experience as well. Players will have several classes to choose from, which should keep the gameplay fresh and also allow for individuals to play in a way that suits their style.

An interesting facet of the game is the SMART (Smooth Movement Across Rough Terrain) mechanic, which incorporates a 'sprint' button that players simply need to hold; their character will then react appropriately depending on the situation, allowing for players to concentrate more on aiming and shooting and less on making a jump. It brings a parkour-like element to the FPS genre, a feature that should keep things exciting. Brink will be released for multiple platforms, and is set for release this spring. Look here to read our full preview.