The Sims Medieval
The Sims Medieval box art
Systems: PC
Expected Release Date : March 22, 2011

The Sims series is heading in a radically different direction with The Sims Medieval. First of all, as the name suggests, this game is set in the middle ages instead of modern times. So the types of occupations you get involved in are quite different, such as physician, priest, bard, wizard, and even knight. And to maintain the medieval feel, the Simlish language has been modified to sound more like Old English.

The most drastic addition is probably the quest system, which should already feel fairly at home in the medieval setting. These quests send you to do various things throughout the kingdom, like decide whether to cure or kill an ailing king, and can require up to three of your Sims to cooperate to complete them successfully. Completing quests gives your characters experience, as well as granting points to enhance your kingdom. While the game involves a few kingdom-building elements, the real focus is the lives of the individuals who populate this kingdom.

Elements of War
Elements of War box art
Systems: PC
Expected Release Date: Q1 2011

Elements of War is a Russian MMO/RTS that takes place in a modern post-apocalyptic setting that has been devastated by failed experiments with weather-based weaponry. While initially this is a bad thing, it allows you to manipulate the weather to your advantage. That's right; you can send earthquakes and tornados ripping through your opponent's base.

The payment method is interesting: the MMO portion is free-to-play, but the single-player campaigns – there are currently two of them – will require a small fee. With its unique concept and lack of entry fee, this could wind up stealing a lot of our time. Never underestimate the Russians when it comes to game design. They created Tetris, after all.