Best PC Game Winner 2012

We have to admit that we were getting a little bit burned out on the whole MMO thing for a while there, but Guild Wars 2 is a breath of fresh air. With a new business model that’s neither free-to-play nor a subscription model, GW2 might be the next big thing in MMO-dom. Of course, this all comes with several intensely refined gameplay systems that make this stand out, giving Guild Wars 2 a special place in our hearts.

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Diablo III Box Art
Diablo III

Blizzard put us through hell, and we love them for it. Not in the way they made us wait over a decade between entries in their most demonic of franchises, but in the way they finally brought us those diabolical difficulty levels and ungodly stashes of loot we’ve been craving. Yeah, we found this one pretty hard to put down.

Get the satanic skinny in our full review.

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