Best Remake Game Winner 2012

Originally a Wii title, Tales of Graces finally landed on Western shores with this PS3 upgrade. Not only does its cel-shaded visual style look fantastic, but the f version adds a whole new post-campaign storyline that will run you dozens of hours. If you want a classic JRPG with a very modern approach to combat, look no further than Tales of Graces f.

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Okami HD Box Art
Okami HD

There's just something about cel-shaded graphics that makes visual upscaling look fantastic. But that's not the only thing Okami has going for it. This was a masterpiece when it debuted on the PS2, and it was a welcome addition to the Wii's library. With the PS3 version, though, we finally get to experience it in HD, with the option to use the original PS2-style controls or motion controls using the Move. Either way, this is a game that you have very little excuse to have missed.

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