Best Studio of the Year Winner 2012

Telltale Games managed to deliver something special with The Walking Dead. But that game was the result of years of honing the trademark Telltale style, refining the process until they crafted a masterpiece of true artistry. For putting in the time and effort to keep continuously improving, and for managing to deliver something fresh and groundbreaking in a world of samey shooters, we honor Telltale as our Studio of the Year. Congrats!


Ubisoft has been a company worth keeping an eye on for several years now, but they really upped their game this year. They brought us several of our favorite games of 2012, from Assassin’s Creed III to Far Cry 3 to ZombiU. And that’s not even mentioning all the great stuff they have in the pipe right now. For delivering an impressive lineup of hard-hitting titles throughout 2012, we tip our hats to Ubisoft.

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