CheatCC’s 2015 Holiday Buyer’s Guide


Turtle Beach Headsets

Turtle Beach is a household name. When it comes to gaming headsets, they're a company you can rely on thanks to 40 years of service. This company knows what it's doing when it makes audio peripherals for consoles and computers, and its range of products this year means everyone can be covered.

If you have an Xbox One, there are three fantastic headsets from Turtle Beach just for you. You could start with an Ear Force Stealth 420X wireless headset with four audio presets, including bass boost, 15 hour battery life, and game and audio controls. If you need a little something more, the XO Seven Pro is tournament-grade with increased durability, superhuman hearing, mic monitoring and game and mic presets. Then there's the Cadillac of Turtle Beach Xbox One headsets, the Stealth 500 X, which offers wireless DTS surround sound, mic monitoring, interference-free audio and chat, a 15 hour charge, and separate presets for games, movies, and music.

But if you want something really cool and that goes along with the Star Wars theme to capitalize on Star Wars Battlefront and Star Wars: Episode VII, then the Star Wars Battlefront Sandtrooper gaming headset is best. It's a numbered, limited edition headset only available at Best Buy that works with the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and mobile devices. It has in-line controls, 50mm speakers, and a high-sensitivity boom mic that can be detached in case you want to use it for other media enjoyment.

Turtle Beach

SCUF One and Venom-X

Coordination is key for successful gaming sometimes. That's why the SCUF One Xbox One gaming controller and Venom-X mouse work hand-in-hand. The SCUF One has a streamlined design with between two and four back paddles, so your thumbs aren't distracted and middle fingers handle the paddles. The back paddles also have Electro-Magnetic Remapping. As for those thumbs, they'll be busy on thumbsticks with six different options in concave and domed types to ensure the controller is perfect for you, with even an optional control disc for fighters.

This works quite well with the Venom-X mouse, which works with the Xbox One as well as the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and Windows PC. It has replaceable mouse siding to ensure it perfectly fits anyone's hand and upgradeable firmware to go with the 8200DPI, 150IPS, and 30g acceleration rate mouse. It can be wired or dual wireless, and also has remappable keys for its eight programmable mouse buttons and 9 wand buttons. This mouse will never go out of style.

SCUF Gaming, Tuact


Nyko Type Pad for Xbox One

Consoles aren't just for playing games anymore. They're entertainment hubs. We use them to enjoy all forms of media. They're also a means to socialize with people who enjoy our hobbies, which is why Xbox One owners would benefit from a Nyko Type Pad. The Type Pad peripheral clips on to the bottom of an Xbox One controller to provide a full QWERTY keyboard for people to use. It's powered by the controller, with backlighting, and snaps right on. If you want to use your console to browse the internet, exchange messages, trash talk, or search without having to go through every single letter on a virtual keyboard one-at-a-time, then save yourself some frustration with this effortless add-on.