TMX Force Feedback Wheel

There are some amazing Xbox One and PC racing games. I mean, think about it. We have Forza Horizon 3, Project Cars, The Crew, and Trackmania Turbo. There are so many of these to enjoy, but are you really playing them properly? If you get the TMX Force Feedback Wheel, which comes with a large pedal set, you can. It gives you the optimal controls for any game that puts you in the driver’s seat of a high end machine.

The TMX Force Feedback Wheel is a 11” diameter wheel with rubber-coated grips, two wheel-mounted sequential paddle shifters, a directional pad, and 12 action buttons. Its drive system has adjustable force feedback. Anything you’re doing on the road in-game, you’ll feel. That means breaking, bumping, running into objects or other cars, or even going across a part of the track that’s a little rough. The rotation angle goes from 270-900 degrees. There’s even upgradeable firmware, to make sure it’ll always be at its best. If you’re going to take the wheel, take this one.

TMX Force Feedback Wheel