PowerA PlayStation VR Charging Station

If you have a PlayStation VR, you’re probably going to be spending as much time as possible using it. After all, it’s shiny, new technology! Who wouldn’t want to play as much as possible? You’ll only be limited by its battery life. Fortunately, PowerA has created a PlayStation VR Charge and Display Station. This double duty device keeps you organized and ready to go.

The PowerA PlayStation VR Charge and Display Station is an officially licensed product. It has room for the headset, two PlayStation Move controllers, and a DualShock 4. That way, you’re assured that everything you could possibly need for a PlayStation 4 virtual reality session will be ready when you are. It also keeps everything in a compact space, so you know things are safe, secure and protected. Though, my favorite thing is how it shows everything off. It’s like a trophy pedestal for your peripheral!

PowerA PlayStation VR Charging Station